Thursday, September 1, 2011

After the storm...

Well, Irene has come and gone now. We survived thankfully without any damage. We lost power when the storm started on Saturday, but regained it on Tuesday afternoon. So, we are very grateful! It was quite scarey to experience the storm with all of its wind and power. We still know of many without power and pray that they get theirs back on soon. During the storm Lexi was confused, but very glad to have us home for many days. I think she's very sad that life and work have resumed. We took her with us many places over the past few days. She rode shotgun with us.


She always has to be right up next to you no matter where you are. She loves her dad as you can see! Dynamo continues to operate as if his arm is normal! With his cast on he managed to get a generator hooked up, shelter built to protect it from the rain, and weed eat the yard, among many other things!

My uncle so kindly let us borrow his generator Sunday afternoon so that we all could take showers. Dad went and picked it up. Mom and Dad came over! When you live in the country you don't get to flush toilets or take showers when the power goes out. You fill the bathtub with water and that is how you refill the toilet. spongebath...there are no showers! It's worse than camping! So, when my Uncle offered up the generator we were quick to take him up on it.

Over the course of the four days together it was a great opportunity for us to relax and just be together. We basically unplugged from the world. There was no television (not that we watch it much anyways), no sewing machine, no computer, no stove, no dishwasher, no air conditioning, nothing. When it got dark at 8:15 we laid down in the pitch black and just laughed and talked to each other. Talk about going to bed early!

On another note...on Tuesday we saw the power company trucks in the neighborhood! We quickly hopped in the truck to try to catch them to talk with them. The guy was sooooo nice! He was helpful and friendly telling us when to expect our power on. All he asked before we left him was that we pray for their safety and those still without power. So, today I'm asking for you to pray for those still without power as well as those workers still working hard to get power restored. Thank you!

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