Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a little apricot and freesia

Apricot Freesia Soap (13)

I think this soap turned out to be my best swirl ever! This was a team effort. I'm grateful that Dynamo was there to lend a hand since I had to pour 4 colors and only had 2 hands.

Apricot Freesia Soap (7)

It wasn't exactly what I planned originally, but it worked out really well.

Apricot Freesia Soap (10)

Of course every bar has a slightly different look, but they all turned out just lovely!

Apricot Freesia Soap (3)

Apricot Freesia Soap (8)

Oh, and the smell is wonderful! This was a trial. A new experiment with a new scent. I'm really pleased. It is lightly scented, not overpowering. A little apricot and a little freesia.

Apricot Freesia Soap (12)

I'm not a big fan of food smells in my soap, so I don't create soaps with those scents, but while in Florida we picked up a few bars from a local vendor at the market and brought them home to try. Well, I really liked the scent of the apricot and freesia bar I bought, so I decided to create my own combination.

Apricot Freesia Soap (3)

In a few weeks it will be ready for sale! I'm excited to get geared up for the spring/summer season at the Petersburg Farmers' Market. It will be here before we know it, so I have to be sure my soap has had plenty of time to cure!

Apricot Freesia Soap (1)

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