Friday, June 1, 2012

Market Update


Last Saturday was a good day at the Market. The traffic was a little slow due to it being a holiday weekend, but it was still a good day.


The flowers and soap were lovely!


We added a little addition to the table this past week!


Yes, doggie bagels! I made these treats for Charlie and since he loved them so much, I decided to share with other shoppers for free! I took about 50 of them and they flew off the table! We met lots of new people that wouldn't normally have stopped because we had doggie treats!


We always enjoy market days. You get to meet lots of new people and learn lots of things!


Having Charlie at the market has been great for meeting new people too! I met a lady getting ready to start a doggie daycare in downtown Petersburg and a lady that does therapy dog visits. So exciting!

And, Charlie got a surprise visit from our friends Elise and Mariooocheeee! They took him around the market visiting vendors and meeting other doggies! He had a big time!


We are hoping to be at the market tomorrow. Next week I'll share some of the latest soap creations I've been working on! I can't wait until they're ready! They are divine!

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Charleston Hokie said...

is that a VT leash on Charlie? Savannah has the same one! :)