Thursday, November 1, 2012

Unveiling the new look!

Dynamo and I have been working with this great designer I found on Flickr to create a one-of-a-kind logo for the soap business, The Daily Scrub! Here is the result!

TDS Logo

I had a wonderful experience working with Heather and would recommend her to anyone. She is very thorough and extremely talented. Not to mention patient! She took what I had in my mind and customized my logo, business card, stickers, and label!

Here's the sticker design! I have it in many colors too!

TDS Sticker

Here's what the soap packaging looks like now!

Soap Packaging The Daily Scrub (6)

All bars will be packaged in shrinkwrap (please recycle at your nearest grocery store) and will have a label identifying the type of soap. The ingredients and contact information are printed on the backside of the label.

Soap Packaging The Daily Scrub (4)

I will do custom packaging like the above picture and tag the gift bag with the types of soaps inside.

Soap Packaging The Daily Scrub (10)

I know that wrapping the bars in plastic looks different and feels different, but it does protect the bar from germs, wear and tear, and makes the bar a ready-to-give gift item. You CAN smell through the plastic. Plus, we leave a tiny opening at the end so you can really smell the soap. Dynamo is the "Shrinkmaster" in our house! We have quite the assembly line going now! Getting ready for the holidays!

So, do you like the new look?

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