Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fresh Linen Soap

I'm so excited about this Fresh Linen soap! It smells so fresh and clean.

I know how much everyone loves the blues and teals, so that's what we added to this batch! And, of course some activated charcoal and poppy seeds!

There are lots of you that really enjoy the "clean" scents! This is really nice! It's very similar to the Clean Laundry soap I made previously!

The glitter on top is just for a little extra umph!

You all know I think glitter just makes everything better!! Can't wait for you to try this soap!


Pink Chihuahua said...

Rachel - this is beautiful! I love all your soaps - many of them look like futuristic landscapes or planets in the solar system. I bet they just smell amazing in person!

Restaurant Cleaning Boyle Heights said...

Loved reading thiis thank you