Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mountain Bike Monday - Touring Richmond

Martins Tour of Richmond 2014

On Saturday Dynamo and I participated in the Martin's Tour of Richmond 58 mile ride! And, what a gorgeous day it was for a ride!!

Martins Tour of Richmond 2014

The route was nice and rolling. At times I thought maybe too much rolling! I know...hills are good training!


It can be a strange feeling to not know where exactly you are at any point. Sometimes that's how it is on these rides. The routes are often on back roads that are unfamiliar to non-locals, but it is still an excellent chance to see lots of roads and places we wouldn't normally run across! I saw a cool quilt shop, but have no idea where it was!


The aid stations were well stocked with lots of goodies. There were three along the 58 mile route. We hit #2 and #3!! The people were super friendly!!


The weather was just right. We were so comfortable, except for the wind. Seemed like we had a little to fight at times, but it wasn't too big of a deal!! I'll take a little wind over 90 degree weather!


We knew we were nearing the end when we saw the track in the distance!


And, they save the best for last! Everyone gets to take a lap around the Richmond International Raceway track!!



What a cool opportunity to get to be on the track!






We felt like little ants surrounded by everything!


Then, we exited the track and headed to the official finish!


Ta da!!

Martins Tour of Richmond 2014

We did it! Together! Another ride! My 4th official 50+ mile ride! I can't believe how far I've come in just 5 years of riding! And, I wouldn't have been able to do it without the love, support, and encouragement of my Dynamo! He keeps me focused and moving (literally)! I'm so grateful that we have our health to be able to do these special events together! We are the best team! And, he always patiently rides my speed to get me through! He is such a gift!

Martins Tour of Richmond 2014

And, we had to snap some pics at the "LOVE" sign at the entrance of the track! Super cool!

Martins Tour of Richmond 2014

Thank you, Dynamo, for always being there for me! I'm a better me because of you!! I LOVE YOU!!


Anonymous said...

Junior and I attended a memorial service for a former Winston Cup car owner (Junie Donlavey) a few months ago. It was held at the track, and we took pictures at the LOVE sign too!

Dianna said...

Oops - hit the wrong key. The above comment was from me!

Rachel Chieppa said...

Dianna, That is a pretty cool sign at RIR! I think every town should have their own sign! Loved riding around the track!