Monday, March 16, 2015

Dreamwork's Maiden Voyage

On March 10, we celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary and 11 year together anniversary. We were in Florida visiting Dynamo's parents for the week, but we are now back in town and picked up our anniversary present. It's a Cannondale Tandem 29er.


For years I've been asking Dynamo for a tandem bike so we can do some rides truly together, and finally he surprised me with one. I was so surprised that I started to cry. At first I just couldn't fathom how I deserved such goodness. I just couldn't believe it. What a huge blessing God gave me and us. Dynamo continues to shower me with so much love and kindness truly exemplifying God's love. Once I stopped crying I remembered what Joel Osteen says about learning to accept God's blessings and favor and how we deserve goodness. That is part of our journey here. We have to accept goodness. And, we have to have grace for ourselves.


Not only has God given me the most wonderful man in the world, but He also continually blesses us with all that we need and more. As I reflect on our years together and us taking our first ride yesterday, I am reminded of just how similar riding a tandem is to trusting God. When we ride the tandem, Dynamo is the captain, which means he rides in the front. He is stronger and makes all of the decisions. When to stop. When to start. When to stand. When to shift. Where to steer. EVERYTHING. My job is to be the stoker in the back. I just sit down and pedal. That's it. All I can see is what's on either side of me and his cute backside and I have no idea where we are going. I have to have complete trust. Trust in my captain and partner. Do you find that sometimes you struggle to have complete trust in your captain? I think most of us do. It's about learning to grown in our faith and ourselves. And, it ain't always easy!


Marriage, too, is much like riding a tandem. You just have to trust one another. Sometimes one of you will need to be the captain using all of your strength to pedal forward, make the decisions, and pull the other along...and sometimes you'll be the stoker. Either way, it's about teamwork. It's okay that sometimes one person is going to need the other more. That's just life. I've learned that most of the time things aren't 50/50. That's just not how life is. No relationship is 50/50. Love doesn't keep score. Whether it's your husband, your friend, your parents, etc. just let it go. Don't always keep track of who called who and who did or didn't do what. Just pick up and always focus on giving more. Give of yourself completely and with your whole heart. For your whole life. Our favorite pastor said years ago that a good and successful marriage has two givers. So, I'm going to give my heart out and just enjoy the ride. We are only given this very moment, nothing more, nothing less. I'm learning to live in the present and see where this journey takes us.


And, our beautiful new tandem has a name. It's called "Dreamwork." Dynamo named it. If you want to know why, check out this church sermon from the church we've recently been attending. Whether you're married or not, it's all about how it takes teamwork to make the dream work! The dream should always bigger than the team! Enjoy! Be blessed!

Dynamo, I thank you for loving me when I needed it the most. I thank you for being my rock. I thank you for being my soulmate. You make me a better person every. single. day! I can't wait to ride off into the sunset with you on Dreamwork! I love you forever and always.


Rachel L. said...

What a beautiful post! You are definitely blessed with a wonderful marriage and husband! Can't wait to see y'all ride tandem in person! So fun! !

Rachel L. said...

What a beautiful post! You are definitely blessed with a wonderful marriage and husband! Can't wait to see y'all ride tandem in person! So fun! !