Monday, June 6, 2011

Mountain Bike Monday - Enough Already!

Ok, so in the past 6 rides we've seen snakes 5 times! I'm convinced it's me and not those that ride with us! I tell everyone if they want to see a snake then hang around me! I'm a snake magnet! YIKES!

So, on our ride Saturday with MBM we were finishing up the last leg of the Lakeview Trails at Poco and all of a sudden MBM hollars to me to "get your camera ready!" He came upon a GIANT AMAZON-sized black snake on the trail. So, what do I do? I sent Dynamo up ahead to get the photo!

Poco June 4 Ride

He was slithering away from us as Dynamo was trying to get a pic of him as proof for the "contest."

Poco June 4 Ride

As we were getting ready to move onward the snake coiled up halfway as to let us know he was finished posing for pics and it was time for us to move on! No pictures of that, but it was then that I really got to see how mean and big he was!

Just look how thick his body is...

Poco June 4 Ride

We headed on our way! I crossed the creek!!! And, we decided to ride some more! So, we headed over to tackle the blue and green trails!

After rolling through the blue, MBM headed back to the truck and we did the green trail! I was feeling pretty good and strong! I think I'm finally getting my nutrition issues down pat. After we refilled our camelbaks at the water fountain, Dynamo asked if I wanted to check out the Nature Center. We've ridden at the Park so many times, but have never gone inside the Center. We've only peeked through the window!

Inside we found two very nice staffers! They told us some interesting facts about the creatures. They even offered for us to hold the snakes, but we declined! They look so harmless in the tank!

Poco June 4 Ride

And, check out Snaperella, the snapping turtle!

Poco June 4 Ride

She was quite calm and the Park guy said that she has never tried to bite him.

Poco June 4 Ride

They told us the snake we saw was likely a rat snake, and to not be afraid. They only strangle their prey and likely wouldn't bite. As if I wanted to get close enough to find out!

The Nature Center was really neat. You can even have a birthday party there!

Poco June 4 Ride

So, at the end of the ride we had completed 25 miles! I was pleased. It was a lovely morning out on the trails with my Dynamo and our friend MBM. I can definitely see improvement in my riding. I'm more balanced and comfortable than ever!

Lastly...the reason this post is entitled "Enough Already" is because of what happened to Dynamo and I this morning. Yesterday, I noticed the mom and dad bluebird making a big fuss around the yard and their house (built by Dynamo attached to a tree by our driveway). I just ignored them because there was a lot of commotion from the birds and critters yesterday. We were outside working in the yard and it just seemed like they were more active than usual.

Well, this morning when I went out to walk Lexi I stopped by the birdhouse to check it out and noticed a little head sticking out of the hole on the front. As I approached I noticed it wasn't the head of a bluebird, but instead that of a snake. So, I ran back into the house yelling for Dynamo! That darn snake had eaten the bluebird eggs! No wonder the mom and dad were carrying on in such a fuss yesterday! They couldn't do anything to protect their babies! I understand that it is nature's way, but it really breaks my heart!

So, enough with the snakes already! We've seen enough!!! Dynamo said that this "contest" is not one he wants to win. Me either!

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