Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year! We're back!

We're back! We took a trip to sunny Florida to see Dynamo's parents! Yes, we ALL went. My parents, Charlie, Dynamo, and I! This was Charlie's first big trip! And, he did GREAT in the car for over 13 hours both ways! He likes to sit in Grandpa's lap to see out the window!

iphone 564

We made a few stops along the way to break up the trip for everyone!

Florida Christmas 2012 (2)

We got in really late the Thursday before Christmas, but the children were so excited to meet for the first time!

iphone 567

They were moving so fast I couldn't get any pics! Dynamo's parents have a dog (Tasha) and a cat (Kali). Charlie had never seen a kitty before!

We got up on Friday and ventured out!

iphone 596

Our first lunch together! Mom and Dad Chieppa and my mom!

iphone 601

And, us and my dad!

iphone 603

Charlie was having a blast. Dynamo's parents live in a planned community with sidewalks (something we don't know about in the country).

iphone 605

There was a big lake with thick grass. He took every opportunity to roll around in it. I couldn't even get him moving for his walk!

iphone 607

I mean...look at this ham!

iphone 608

I thought he was going to roll into the lake!

iphone 610

He said, "Mom, this stuff is amazing!"

iphone 612

Like he's never seen grass before!

iphone 614

It was a little chilly for the moms!

iphone 616

But, not Charlie! This was his kind of weather!

iphone 617

Charlie checked out every tree, shrub, mailbox, and blade of grass in that neighborhood! He had never seen a neighborhood before!

iphone 621

And, on Saturday we all went to the big Farmers' Market in Sarasota!

Even Charlie!

iphone 633

He did pretty good considering! It's much bigger than the Petersburg Market. Lots and lots of people and dogs!

iphone 639

Eventually he just found himself a sunny spot to chill!

iphone 644

Right in a walkway! Like he owned the place!

iphone 647

The goodies at the market were amazing!!!

iphone 651

Just gorgeous in color!

iphone 652

iphone 654

The displays were lovely!

iphone 656

Anything you could want right at your fingertips!

iphone 658

iphone 661

Did I mention there were lots of dogs?

iphone 662

Such a fun way to spend a morning! Markets are so great!

iphone 665

And, we ventured to Anna Maria Island (our favorite) to eat at Ginny's and Jane e's!

iphone 673

A super cute, eclectic shop and eatery!

iphone 675

We hit the beach as soon as we could after checking in my parents at their condo!

iphone 678

Shell time!

iphone 677

Yes, it was chilly!

iphone 684

iphone 690

We even checked out the new Publix grocery store on Longboat Key! We were in awe at the wall of nuts! (Yes, I know the Richmond stores have these, but everytime we see one it's just so much fun)

iphone 694

I found my new favorite trail mix there!

iphone 693

The night was complete with dinner at the Beachhouse on Anna Maria! Yum!

iphone 697

More on the trip in the next post...

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