Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Towel Cake

Towel Cake (7)

I attended a bridal shower over the weekend and wanted to give something fun and different, but practical at the same time!

So, I decided to make a towel cake! I had seen some similar on the internet and thought I could do it! I bought several of the bathroom and kitchen towels that the bride registered for, rolled them up (with Dynamo's help of course), and made a cake!

Towel Cake (6)

Yes, that's a whisk and spatula at the top! On the registry too!

Towel Cake (4)

What do you think?

I added the purple ribbon and dried hydrangea since I know purple is her color and hydrangeas are her flowers!

Here's one last photo of the whole thing...Sorry it's a little dark, but my light tent isn't big enough for this item!

Towel Cake

I thought it would be a little boring to just give towels, so I gave it a twist! This way I was sticking to the registry so she got what she wanted, but I got to jazz things up a bit!

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