Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The end of another great season!

Every year this time when the weather turns a little cooler and the flowers slow down we stop going to the Market.

Petersburg Farmers Market 9.14 (95)

We enjoy our time at the market, but all good things must come to an end. We will miss moments like these that make you squeal...

Petersburg Farmers Market 9.14 (75)

And, moments like this that just make you smile from the inside out!

Petersburg Farmers Market 9.14 (123)

We will miss seeing our buddy, Joe! There's no one that can make you smile like Joe does.

Petersburg Farmers Market 9.14 (53)

With each summer market season we continue to build our friendships that go back to our first year 8 seasons ago! Like our friend, Taco, and his mom!

Petersburg Farmers Market 9.14 (11)

And, Mrs. Moyer, our dear sweet friend who comes rain or shine to pick up her flowers for church and give us hugs...

Petersburg Farmers Market 9.14 (8)

We will miss all of you, our new friends...

Petersburg Farmers Market 9.14 (13)

Petersburg Farmers Market 9.14 (9)

And, old ones!

Market 2014

And, Charlie will REALLY miss his time the most we know! He's adapted quite well to his role as "Market Dog" don't you think? Any dog that will let kids put stickers all over him has to be pretty awesome! We sure do think so!  We'd like to thank each of you for loving our family and our fur-child! We thank you for your hugs, your well wishes, and your support each and every week and throughout the year! We love all of you!

Market 2014

As I've said many many times's not about selling flowers and soap for us! It's about being with you, our friends, each and every week! Be blessed and we hope to see you before next market season!

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