Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Apple Harvest Festival 2010

On Saturday, Mom, Dad, Dynamo, the Steed, and I met up with the Clark family at Graves Mountain Lodge for the Apple Harvest Festival 2010 in Syria, VA.
It was a beautiful day in the mountains of Virginia. It took about 2.5 hours to get up there. We did have to stop at an antique store and a yard sale along the way!!!

Lexi was so excited to be able to go with us. She normally doesn't get to go to more than one soccer game per year because she doesn't do very well with big dogs. But, on Saturday she did great!!!

She even got to wear her Halloween bandana!

Dynamo and Daddy tried to get her to drink water from the creek. Clearly, this farm dog isn't much for creek swimming!

The kids got to meet Lexi for the first time. After a couple of moochies, Lexi was more interested in relaxing and taking in the scenery than playing with the kids.

Dynamo enjoyed the creek, though!

Then, there was crayfish huntin'...

There wasn't much apple pickin'....actually...none at all. Good thing for the creek, crafts, and food!
And, when we stopped in Charlottesville for dinner there were hot air balloons up in the sky.
We hope to make a trip to Carter Mountain Orchard in a couple of weeks to actually pick apples! That's all Dad wanted to do, but didn't get to! There was so much else going on! He had to buy them from a bin!

It was a really fun time! Beautiful bluegrass music in the background all day, sunshine, kids laughing and playing, and lots of families just enjoying time together! Fall in Virginia (especially the mountains) is so beautiful.

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