Thursday, October 7, 2010

Good ride, hun!

"Good ride, hun!"

Those are the words I LOVE to hear! Dynamo always says that as we're finishing up...when it truly has been a good ride. Most of the time they are, but occasionally I'm not totally feeling it and the ride doesn't go so well. We all have those days!

The other day we took a quick ride after work. We were trying to outrun the dark, so we only got to do Lakeview 1 and 2 at Pocohontas Park (about 10 miles). I felt pretty good. I've been figthing a sinus/cold thing, which has made me pretty tired, but the fresh air made me feel much better. It's amazing what a little air will do for your mind and body! It's refreshing and rejuvenating.

Dynamo took this pic of Spot and I on the bridge on LV 2. I can't believe it was cool enough for long sleeves already!
And, here's a pic of Dynamo on the same bridge!
We rode and chatted the entire time! It's really nice to ride together as a couple and talk about lots of stuff including the dog, stock market, new furniture for the house, weekend plans, vacation plans, etc. etc. Sometimes I can't talk because I'm breathing so hard...I just have to say "in a minute" and Dynamo waits patiently for me to catch my breath and answer. He never gets out of breath riding with me, so it's always him waiting on me to be able to converse again.

Our time together is great. I cherish each and every ride. Time flies so fast. I have really enjoyed our weeknight rides after work. We have a ritual of riding and then eating dinner at Panera on the way home. With the days getting shorter our weeknight rides will come to an end. We'll still have the weekend rides, though. I think we'll be taking some day trips to different parks to try new trails.

It will soon be time to pull out the cold weather riding gear too! This also means that the critters will go into hibernation. Yippee!!! That means my friend, Mr. Snake, will too! Whew!

So, I am very thankful of our precious time together as a couple. I ride because it's healthy, fun, and exciting. But, the bonus of riding is that I get to be with my Dynamo more!

Happy Thursday!


va_grown said...

What a great end to the day! I'm sure it helps you both "leave it at the office" and reconnect after being apart all day.

Jim Rosen said...

That sounds great! That is truly quality time!