Friday, October 15, 2010

One Sunday Afternoon

I just loved these three photos of my Dynamo. I wanted to try to preserve them in a special way. I thought they reminded me of a filmstrip/sequential shoot! I wanted them to all be on the same page. So, here was the result...
No, he wasn't posing. I don't think he even knew I took the top and bottom photos. Those are often the best ones...when no one knows you're taking them...
I did add journaling...just a the page. I struggle with my handwriting. I just don't like it very much. Anyone else have that problem?

"Sunday" is from a set of old flashcards. The tree on the background paper was a page from an old children's book. I really do love old stuff!

I used a lego that my co-worker gave me (she snuck it from her son when he wasn't looking) to make the white and yellow dots on the page.

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Jamie (@va_grown) said...

I really love how this one turned out too! And how the kraft makes a good, calming background, but lets the yellow really pop!