Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My 30th Birthday!!!

Saturday was my 30th birthday. Can it really be that I am 30 years old? Surely that's not the case?!?! Well, I am. Just typing the two numbers seems odd to me. I guess I thought I'd never leave my 20s. And, when I was 20, it seemed like 30 was light years away. My dad always told me that time would fly like this. He was right. Sometimes, I wish I could just stop time.

Dynamo brought me flowers for my birthday!!!!! Aren't they beautiful? And...I LOVE pink!!!

In addition to flowers he got us tickets to go see John Mellencamp!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!! I've been dying to go see him (for years)!!!!!!!!! It's going to be awesome!!

My parents celebrated with us over dinner, which was special. On my birthday day, I got to go to the Bellwood Flea Market and Uno's (for pizza, which I love)! I've been wanting to check out the Flea Market, so it was the perfect time to do so. A little cold and windy, but I found a couple of goodies!

Mr. and Mrs. C sent a package to me! I LOVE getting mail! Inside the package was a lovely card, an ornament, a colorful Florida gecko for my wall, and another awesome surprise! Mrs. C. knows how much I LOVE vintage stuff, so inside the box was a pile of old letters from Santa that Dynamo had received when he was a child. They were from the old J.M. Fields Department Store. And, oh, they were beautiful! They don't make things like that anymore. I got all teary eyed over them! It was so special that she saved them from over 30 years ago and then shared them with me. And, to add to the surprise were a couple of old pictures of Dynamo when he was little! It was a great birthday surprise!!

You know...I don't feel any older. I don't think I look any older (hold your comments for now please on that one). But....I am older. As for you, my friends...when you see grey hair you better let me know. I'm headed straight for the bottle. (...of hair color that is!)

I'm grateful for another day. Another day with my family and friends! Another day to create and learn something new! Another day to try to be a better giver! Another day to experience life. I Love you, my family and friends! Thank you for celebrating with me and for loving me!


Jim Rosen said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a good one. 30 is just a number.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my beautiful little Chicklet!! Truly, 30 is just a number (ask someone who's over 40!). Just keep on enjoying life to the fullest. Luv ya!