Monday, March 14, 2011

Mountain Bike Monday - Dirt Diva

Well, Kermit and I had our first real ride together yesterday!

Isn't he handsome!!?!?!

But before that we went to church with MBM, Lisa, and the girls! We had lunch afterwards, and then MBM, Dynamo, and I headed to the park.

Here are the girls after lunch enjoying their goodies for St. Patrick's Day!
madison and jordan march 2011

It's been a long time since I've ridden a geared bike. Talk about a change. It was a good change, though. This bike is a 20 speed with a 2 by 10 setup. This means 2 sprockets in the front and 10 sprockets in the back. The gear combination obtained by the 2 by 10 setup is supposed to have an equivalent range to a 27 speed, 3 by 9 setup. I really had fun on him. It was a great ride. The shifters are triggers, so I think that made a big difference for me. My Salsa has twist shifters, which always seemed to give me trouble. Kermit's shifters were easier, in my opinion, but it is personal preference. One isn't better than the other. 

We did some fireroad to the trails and then some singletrack. Overall, it was about 14.5 miles. A good ride! I really felt good and comfortable on Kermit. I'm super excited about him being added to our family! Right now he might be my only mode of transportation since Spot is still waiting for a part. Good thing we have backups :)

I hope you all had a great weekend. The weather was glorious. I couldn't believe that I was riding in a sleeveless shirt and shorts! I even sprayed with bugspray as a precaution, but no slithering creatures yet. Hope you all got out and got some sunshine!

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Jim Rosen said...

Sweet ride! You are going to be hard to keep up with.