Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fabric Collage for Baby

I attended a baby shower on Sunday and wanted to bring a handmade gift that would be unique and special. So, I decided that every baby girl needs a little blanket...

Blanket Collage

Here's a closeup...

Blanket Collage

When I was little I had a little blanket that was soft, but had a silky part too! So, on this blanket I added a strip of satin ribbon. The backing is a very soft minkie type material. The collage on the front creates texture for the baby's little fingers to rub as well.

Blanket Collage

It was a tiny blanket. Little ones just need something to hold onto, suck on, or tote around everywhere. So, it just needs to be soft and lovable. The Amy Butler base fabric was so soft! I just love her stuff! And, the baby's room is going to be green and pink, so I tried to stick with the theme!

And, every mom needs a few burp cloths to match of course...

Burp Cloth Collage

Burp Cloth Collage

Burp Cloth

Collage gift set

And, the gift bag tag matched too...

Gift tag

Mom seemed pleased with the gift. This will be her 3rd baby, but first little girl!!

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