Monday, August 22, 2011

Mountain Bike Monday - A Balancing Act

Some people never cease to amaze me! My balance is much better than two years ago when I started riding, but nowhere near the level of Dynamo's!

August 21 Biking 001

You wouldn't even know he had on a cast! I'm lucky to be able to take one hand off to grab a water bottle! he is cruising down the road!

August 21 Biking 005

We had a great ride yesterday at the park. We started out on the "horsey" side of the park. We did the Bright Hope Trail first, which is relatively smooth except for the hoof prints here and there. Oh, and the occasional steaming pile of poop that sneaks up on you when you'd least expect it. Then, we cut back across the main road and ventured on pretty smooth pavement for a couple of miles. We ventured over to the camp.

August 21 Biking 007

Then, Dynamo asked if I wanted to go down to the dam and climb the big hill. I agreed reluctantly as it wasn't in "the plan." Remember how I am about my plan? After we ventured down the steep, rocky hill (Dynamo took it easy going down) we quickly met a long steady uphill climb. Dynamo quickly ascended and I just pedaled slowly and steadily keeping my breathing under control. As I crested over the hill there he was stopped and waiting for me. This is how the conversation went:

Dynamo: "Good job, hun. Did you make it all the way up?"
Me: "Of course I did."
Dynamo: "You didn't even stop?"
Me: "No way. I can't believe you would even ask such a question. And, after all I only have 9 gears."

He just laughed and smiled! I do remember the day when I couldn't climb it but a short ways and then I'd have to walk. Today, I'm proud to say that many of the climbs don't seem so gigantic.

Next, we continued our adventure on the fireroads. We headed down to the Nature Center and looked for the snakes. None were to be found. We looped back around and rode through the campsites and then completed our ride logging 20 miles.

Pretty good day! It was so nice to be back out there again! Even though it wasn't singletrack, it was still a good workout for me because as you know I was chasing Dynamo the whole ride! I probably will be all my life. That's ok with me!

August 21 Biking 006

Hope your weekend was great!

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Jim Rosen said...

It is so great to read about you two biking. And so nice to see the pictures too. You have progressed haven't you? And you will continue to I am sure.