Thursday, March 15, 2012

wrapping up in color

Bloom Afghan (4)

We wanted to thank our doctor for everything she did to fix Lexi. So, I got to work making an afghan for her. I wanted it to be brightly colored to remind her when she looks at it how many lives she brightens each day in her job. Even though she doesn't always deliver good news, she does try her hardest everday. It is very evident. I wanted her to know that we appreciate how special she is.

Bloom Afghan (10)

So, I was thinking bright colors and a big flower as a reminder to her to think good things even when times are bad.

Bloom Afghan (8)

I apologize some of the pictures aren't too clear!

Bloom Afghan (6)

Of course, we also will be giving her some soap for her and her furry kid!

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Charleston Hokie said...

What a thoughtful gift Rach! You are going to really make her day with that! (And I LOVE the colors!)