Friday, June 14, 2013

All sliced up...

Coffee Cake Soap Cake (4)

I was so excited to finally slice the coffee cake soap! Dynamo was kind enough to help me cut it. That way I'm sure to get 15 slices!

Coffee Cake Soap Cake (6)

Cutting the soap is always to most exciting part. That's where the beauty is revealed!

Coffee Cake Soap Cake (7)

I like the contrasting shades of brown along with the added black layer. That's the activated charcoal layer!

Coffee Cake Soap Cake (June 2013) - The Daily Scrub

Most of the time I'm pleased with my swirling and layering! Especially this soap cake!

Coffee Cake Soap Cake by The Daily Scrub (June2013)

Talk about beautiful! Looks good enough to eat huh? I can't wait to deliver this to the Urban Farmhouse! You'll have to stop by and grab a slice!

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