Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mountain Bike Monday - The Battlefield Bike Ride

Last week we loaded the Jeep and headed for the Battlefield! I took my  camera to practice some more! We picked up dinner from Saucy's in Petersburg and then headed to the park for a picnic before the ride!

BattlefieldRideAug22,2013 (2)


We took the little man too! It was such a glorious evening! The air was cool and the battlefield was quiet!

BattlefieldRideAug22,2013 (6)


The evening light is so pretty coming through the trees as we rode along the Park Tour Road!

Battlefield Biking Aug 22, 2013

Battlefield Biking Aug 22, 2013

There were lots of creatures out! We saw several deer and even a fox! At least we think it was a fox!

Battlefield Biking Aug 22, 2013

Towards the end of the ride we had a little scare though! We were rolling quickly down a hill and I thought there was a stick in the road. It wasn't a stick, but instead a copperhead crossing! I screamed and swerved. Dynamo luckily was able to swing wide enough (remember he was hauling the chariot) to avoid the snake. As I looked back, I saw the copperhead strike. It was the closest we've ever come. Those snakes blend in, especially at night. Flying down the road doesn't give you a lot of time to identify them and act quickly. I was so upset and began to cry! It was very scary to think that the snake actually struck at my family. In all of our snake sightings this was the scariest!


It was a great ride together as a family minus the snake incident! Plus, I got to practice my new camera skills!

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