Monday, October 24, 2011

mountain bike monday - old trails new routes

biking oct 23 2

I have this habit of cutting off Dynamo's head when we take our own pic! Oops!!

I did it again!

biking oct 23

It's actually funny because sometimes we have to take several pics to get it right!

biking oct 23 9

Well, yesterday we rode the Lakeview Trails at Poco. All 3 trails! This was the first time since Hurricane Irene that I have been on LV 3. Wow! There were quite a few changes!

biking oct 23 006

I can't begin to describe how beautiful yesterday was at the park!

biking oct 23 007

The light shining through the trees and reflecting off of the leaves was magical!

When we began Dynamo asked me if I saw the split tree last week. Of course I didn't. When I ride I tend to miss lots because I'm always looking straight ahead! Maybe one day I'll be comfortable enough to look around! Don't get me wrong...I do look around, but I have to be careful!

biking oct 23 010

That split tree was awesome!

biking oct 23 8

Just like magic it was split right in half! I bet that made a noise! I guess only the animals heard it!

biking oct 23 018

And, we came upon this GIANT mushroom! No lie - It was bigger than my head. Here it is with the tire to show you size.

biking oct 23 12

And, there was this one section on LV 2 where a tree created an underpass for riders...

biking oct 23 10

All I could think about was when this thing would eventually fall. But, it was really neat to ride under it. I kinda wanted to ride by and grab the limb and swing off my bike like in the movies! Silly, I know!

biking oct 23 15

When we came up the hill to our resting spot I snapped some pics of Dynamo with the leaves falling. I'm not sure how I did getting the leaves in the pics!

There's one right over his eye in this one...

biking oct 23 14

And, one by his arm!

biking oct 23 13

And, when we got to the peak at the lake on LV 3 I snapped a couple of pics. The lighting was so beautiful on the lake...

biking oct 23 023

It was so bright behind Dynamo...

biking oct 23 16

On LV 3 there was a huge re-route of the trail! It was really cool!

biking oct 23 18

Yes, you go under the tree, but over the logs underneath! AWESOME!!!!

biking oct 23 20

Did I mention how awesome this was?

biking oct 23 21

Can we do it again? :)

biking oct 23 22

Yes, we finished up and I snapped this pic of Dynamo crossing the creek! This part is still my nemesis on many days! There are so many times that I almost just make it!

biking oct 23 028

He's like lightening through the trails! See the blur?

biking oct 23 030

It was a great ride together! I've missed our rides together on the trails. It was so much fun to take our time and take pics and check out the newly re-routed trails. To be honest it's nice that there were some changes to the same old routes! It keeps you on your toes.

And, speaking of re-routes...We stopped to talk to a friendly gentleman on LV 3. He told us that he was down from Pennsylvania to help out his brother and sister-in-law whose daughter, Katie, was suffering from a severe brain injury and is in a facility in Petersburg. He told us that he sits with Katie everyday so her parents can go to work. He said that he wheels her outside to take in the sunshine. He has committed to helping his family out because he can...he is retired. He said there's always time for trips to Colorado, but now he's needed here.

Katie Ralcewicz is only 28 years old. You can read about her story here.Please take time to say a prayer for Katie today. Even though we don't know her and you may not either, she needs your prayers.

Often, we never know what people are going through. We see people pass us by and never know what's going on in their world. We never would have known about Katie unless we had stopped to say hello. For some reason that was in God's plan yesterday for us to meet Katie's uncle.

Enjoy the sunshine today! Be thankful for your families, friends, and the chance to enjoy the beauty around us that God has created. Dynamo, I LOVE YOU!

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