Friday, October 14, 2011

more wreaths and flower pins too!

Green Holiday Wreath

I just love old sheet music! I have collected lots of it from my various thrifting and yard saling adventures. It's great to use in projects. Often, I use lots of it on my cards.

Green Holiday Wreath

I think it looks great on a holiday wreath too! And...this green is a great green too! Not just any green will do!!

Red Holiday Wreath this fantastic red!

Red Holiday Wreath

These wreaths are all vintage! Old sheet music, ribbon, lightbulbs, Santa, candy canes, and birds! I love old stuff as you can tell!!

Santa looks so much better "old school style" don't you think? Ever looked at the old children's books and cards? They are fantastic happy/jolly colorful illustrations! Fabulous!

But, switching gears....

Felt Flower Pin

These cool felt flower pins turned out good I think! They can be a hairclip or a jacket pin! They really would add some color to your day huh?

Felt Flower Pins

And...check out these hairclips/pins made from old tee shirts!

Recycled Tee Shirt Flower Pin

They are a little wilder! I just love red!

Have a great weekend!

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