Monday, May 24, 2010

Mountain Bike Monday and More

Well, we had a busy weekend! We went for a morning ride at Pocohontas State Park in Chesterfield on the Lakeview Trails on Saturday. We only saw 2 black snakes (in the root ball of a big tree hiding from us), some squirrels, and a frog. Sorry the pictures are a little foggy. My camera phone was cold from being in my Camelbak and the air was hot and humid. We biked with our friend, Mike. It was a fun ride.

Then, we took a little ride to Raleigh, NC...

Little did we know there would be an Ag Fest going on at the NC State Fairgrounds! We were going so I could shop the Flea Market! Jeff enjoyed looking at the old trucks and tractors! We've never seen so many old tractors in one place at one time! I couldn't believe the giant ice cream cone!

Then, we visited the Raleigh Farmers Market! What an awesome place!
We just had to take a picture of ourselves (into the sun might I add) with the pig!


M Rosen said...

I was wondering what was in NC! sounds like you had fun!

Jamie (va_grown) said...

Look at all those red tractors! Sounds like a fun weekend together.