Friday, February 11, 2011

more valentines wishes

I just can't get enough of the teal/red combo! It just goes so well together! I loved it so much that when Dynamo built me my gorgeous cabinet/bookcase for my craft room a while back, I painted it black and red and then accented it with these gorgeous teal drawer pulls from Anthropologie!

Valentine's Day is so wonderful! It's only a few days away! Have you gotten your sweetie a gift yet?
The gold foil looking stuff is actually a doily! I picked up a whole bunch of them a while back at the thrift store.'s another card...

On both of these cards, I used the new rub-ons from Stampin' Up! for Valentine's Day! Super cute!
And...I love the letter stickers! They are fun to mix and match types and fonts.

Happy weekend!

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va_grown said...

I used pink and teal for all our vday stuff last year and really enjoyed it. Red makes it pop even more. That glitter paper just looks beautiful!