Monday, February 21, 2011

Mountain Bike Monday - Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

We couldn't have asked for a better day than we had on Saturday! It was a glorious day, and we, of course, couldn't spend it inside! So, what did we do? Well, what we always do...we biked!

I was fighting a terrible sore throat (still am), but decided that some fresh air and a nice ride would hopefully get me feeling better. It sure did make me feel better!

The ride started out a little cool. By the end I was down to my sleeveless shirt and shorts! Wow! In February!
Spot was back from the shop and feeling great! I felt good too! Together, we were unstoppable :)

We did the blue and green trails at Poco in record time. For some reason, I tackled the hills much better than I ever have. Except for this one...
I doesn't look like much, but trust is pretty steep. This picture doesn't do it justice.

Dynamo was really helpful to me (he always is) by encouraging me to keep my pedals going more on this ride. I think I've gotten complacent and haven't been keeping the pedals turning as much as I can/should on the downhills and through the turns. It truly helped me to attack the hills with more umph!
I was really starting to wonder why the hills were still pretty hard for me to tackle, and why it takes so much strength to climb, but I really think it has to do with me not using the downhills as much as I can to gain the speed. Also, I'm still working on standing sooner on the hills. Dynamo still yells, "get up!" to remind me every once in a while.
He has some serious patience! He has taught me well! Not all couples could tackle sports together, but we've done well.

I really like this pic of Dynamo! I was sitting on the bank of the creek and looked up to take this photo!

Saturday's ride was about taking time to enjoy the day. We were in no hurry. We had no place to be. It was nice. So often, we spend our days rushing to and from to get to one thing or another and never really take time to soak up the moment.
After we finished the green and blue trails we decided to venture a little more into new territory as well as old. We checked out the Qualla connector trail that we've heard about, which was twisty turny, and pretty neat. It was just a short cut thru to get to another parking lot at the park.

Then, we rode some fireroads around and eventually crossed the creek to the Forest Exploration Trail. Along the way we snapped some photos that you might enjoy...
On the Forest Exploration Trail, we took time to inspect the giant rock from a couple weeks back.

Dynamo scaled the rock like it was nothing! I stayed on the ground below! My bike shoes were a little slippery, so I thought I'd stick to ground.
From the top of the rock this is what he saw...
The day was beautiful. We were enjoying the day so much that we just kept on riding. We explored the Timber Management Area of the park and contemplated what the map said was there versus what was really there! The map is not very user friendly, nor does it have all of the roads labeled/identified. So, our next mission is to ride through the various sections of the park and make notes to help us remember mileage and routes.

By the end of the ride, we had done about 16 miles, and Dynamo's cyclometer reached 1,000 miles.
Dynamo got this cyclometer after he got his new bike, around this time last year. So, it's fair to say that we've traveled well over 1,000 miles in a year's time! Pretty cool if you ask me!

Thanks for a great ride, Dynamo! I enjoy every moment we spend together! I treasure all of these wonderful days that God created!

Well, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I'll have more about my cousin's bridal shower and the gifts I made her in the next few days. Thanks for reading! Happy Monday!

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Jim Rosen said...

Great Photos! Looks like you guys had a really nice day.