Monday, February 28, 2011

Mountain Bike Monday - Another 30ish

Yesterday, Dynamo, MBM, and I went out for a spin at Pocohontas State Park. We started early since we knew that we wanted to get in about 30 miles. We ended up registering 29.7(something) miles by the time we got back to the car.

It was a beautiful day for riding. There were tons of people at the Park. There were walkers, bikers, hikers, runners. It was so nice to see the "fair weather" people out using the Park.

We ventured into more unchartered territory again this week. We encountered a dam...
The water from the lake/pond/whatever was nearly dried up. This was on the other side of the park on the Bright Hope Trail. There was no easy way across. The only possibility was where the dam had broken, so we jumped across. There was a way to ride through the creek down a ways, but it was kinda deep and since it was early on in the ride we didn't want to get our feet wet!

The first 15 miles seemed to fly by, but the remaining (almost) 15 was somewhat slower. We had some more technical difficulties with Spot. He's in the doghouse right now! We're trying to figure out the next course of action to repair his issue.

It's fun to check out different sections of the Park. It's nice to have time to look around and see what's there. I feel much more comfortable now that I know more about the Park, and it's various ins and outs! We still make wrong turns, trust me!

It was a glorious day to be together and with our friend, MBM. Hopefully you enjoyed your beautiful Sunday!


Jim Rosen said...

You guys are really getting to know PSP. Hopefully you can give us the grand tour someday soon. I had a monster mountain bike ride with Mario yesterday. Felt great to push the pace. There were tons of people down at the river.

You must really be building up some nice endurance. You have lots of saddle time these days. Keep it up!

Jim Rosen said...

PS. I like your new web site banner.