Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mountain Bike Monday - Box Turtle Trail Buffet

So, last Wednesday we rode the blue and green trails at Pocohontas. As we finished up our last section of trail I caught out of the corner of my eye a giant mushroom and something dark next to it. Of course we had to stop to inspect. And...what we found was awesome! We videoed this box turtle eating a giant mushroom. Take a moment to watch this video. He chows down and at one point even wipes his face clean to continue on with his buffet.

Enjoy! He sure did...

Turtle eating mushroom from Rachel Chieppa on Vimeo.

And, on Sunday morning Dynamo and I did our ride early in the morning. We completed about 20 miles and then Dynamo met up with Marioooochee, Dave, and John for a spin on the blue and green trails. I met up with Elise, Mariooochee's girlfriend, and we went and checked out the snake family at the bridge and visited the nature center. At the nature center the brave Elise held the corn snake. Crazy, if you ask me!

elise holding snake

And, at the bridge we hunted for the snake family. Well, we found 4 to 5 snakes in various locations. They were under rocks and in between the culvert pipes and cement. We watched them move around from here to there. We think that the one we originally thought was a water snake isn't. He looks a lot like a poisonous snake! The others looked like watersnakes.

And, when Elise was on her run she saw a big beautiful owl. We'll have to go back and check on him later.

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