Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We summer in Maine!

I bet you didn't even know we were gone last week! Well, we were! Dynamo and I spent last week on an adventure! We decided about 2 weeks prior that we were going to take a vacation. We weren't sure where to go. We knew of many places we wanted to go. We finally narrowed it down to Boston and Maine. The plan was to fly into Boston to celebrate the 4th of July with the other 500,000 people!! We stayed the night and then picked up the rental car and drove to Bar Harbor, Maine, to spend 3 nights. After Maine, we would take our time driving back to Boston for our last night before flying back to Richmond! It was a fun, whirlwind trip. So, over the next few posts I'll share our adventure! All of the photos are on Flickr, so feel free to browse! And, I've provided links to the various things I mention with the hopes that you'll read further about each place or event!

On July 4th we rose at 4 a.m. to head to the airport to catch our flight. Mom and Dad were kind enough to drive us. So, Mom, Dad, Dynamo, the Steed, and I piled into the car for the airport!

When we got to Boston, Dynamo's first order of business was to get a Boston Creme donut.


Then, we caught a cab and headed to check-in at the hotel. Very nice hotel in an excellent location. And, Colette, was there to greet us when we got to our room!


It was barely 10 a.m. and we had the whole day to venture and explore Boston. And, explore we did. We must have walked 100 miles! Here are some sights from our walk!

The beautiful firehouse...


Fenway Park...(Dynamo was going to wear his Yankees jersey, but it wasn't advised) Let's just say that everyone in Boston wears Boston Red Sox gear! All. The. Time!


And, the Green Monster!


Swan boats in the Boston Public Garden...

The momma duck and her ducklings...



A lovely church...


And, this crazy squirrel eating at the Fenway Victory Gardens...


Lots of food and desserts!


We also took a short break on the steps at M.I.T. Yes, that's where all the smart people are! And, we were a short distance from Harvard too!

We knew we had to get to the bridge on Massachusetts Avenue early to claim our spot for the 10:30 p.m. fireworks extravaganza!


So, we sat on the bridge for 3.5 hours waiting for the fireworks to start. Here we are claiming our railing on the bridge!


Here is a pic of all the people getting ready!



While waiting we saw this guy on a really TALL bike and a girl on a smaller bike riding through the crowd. Can you see them?


It was well worth the wait. They were the highest, best fireworks I'd ever seen. Here are some photos! Enjoy!







It was so fantastic to be at the heart of it all. It was special to be there with Dynamo experiencing something so fantastic! There were hundreds of people all around us. It seemed like everyone was speaking a different language. The people on one side were hispanic and on the other side were from Ethiopia. It was amazing to see everyone coming together to celebrate! And, everyone was so pleasant and friendly.

No one does the 4th of July better and bigger than Boston!

Afterwards, Dynamo said..."All that's left is New Year's Eve in New York!" I'm thinking hard about that one! That's a whole lot more people! But, we'll see!

More on the next leg of the trip in my next post...

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