Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mountain Bike Monday - Ridin' the skinnies!

Last Thursday we met up with MBM and his friend, Jay! We took off for the Lakeview Trails at Poco. The only way we agreed to allow Jay to ride with us is if he rode the "skinny" on Lakeview Too, and he must allow me to photograph the event and blog about it! By now anyone who goes anywhere with us knows that everything is fair game as blog material!

For those of you that don't know, a "skinny" is a skinny log! So, when we got to the skinny, we paused long enough for me to get the camera ready to capture the trick. Here goes...


Talk about balance...




Rock on, Jay!

And, when we started I warned Jay that anytime anyone is in my presence it is highly likely that we will encounter a snake of some sort. I thought when we started Lakeview 3 that maybe Jay was the anti-venom of sorts, until all of a sudden he stops and hollars back, "Snake." So, we all stopped for the photo opp.


Dynamo said he thought they just kept getting bigger and bigger! I have to agree that they are awfully big! I'm just glad Jay was leading and not me!


It sounds kinda weird, but I'm glad they are at least black so they're easily visible...that is, when you do "see" them.

And, as we were completing our ride, we stopped to take more photos of the "Jay Show"!



We completed Lakeview 1, Too, and 3! It was a great ride with friends. It's nice to have a big group go together every once in a while. We enjoyed chatting and learning! We're glad we found another rider to add to our group! If anyone wants to ride, we're always up for it!

Oh, and Dynamo and I had a ride on Sunday. We did the Blue and Green Trails and some of Forest Exploration. We encountered one critter...


I didn't even notice him, but Dynamo did! I rode right past him, but when Dynamo yelled about seeing a turtle, I stopped and took his picture. I went ahead and moved him off the trail. He was steady hissing at me!

It was a good ride, but kinda hot! I didn't go as far as I wanted, but still enjoyed the ride with my hun! Hope your weekend was good!

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