Friday, January 6, 2012

the finale to a great holiday

When we got home we had to get back in gear! That meant biking! So, last Thursday we brought out the bikes for a spin at Poco.

January biking 002

The weather was chilly, but bearable. I was feeling good. I had one of my best rides ever on the Lakeview Trails. I was so proud of myself. We moved so quick I didn't really get many pictures.

I really utilized my downhills properly and didn't lollygag on the flats. I pushed myself and let my "trainer" - yes, that's Dynamo - push me a little harder than usual.

It felt good. Real. Good.

Christmas 2011_0039_edited-1

Last Friday we got to see our adopted nieces for our Christmas visit! They are always such a treat! I finished their annual memory books (again, I didn't get pictures). Each year I put together for each of them a scrapbook of our time together over the year. So, every visit with them I take pictures and then put them in a book so they can look back and remember their time with Aunt Rachel and Uncle Jeff!

January biking 010

And, there was no better way to ring in the New Year than to ride! So, we pulled out our riding shorts (and Dynamo's snowman socks) to go enjoy the 60 degree day at the Park. We rolled pretty quickly (for me at least) at a 9.8 mph average for 20 miles! I stayed consistent, which was a goal of mine.

January biking 005

After I was done I asked myself, "Where has this Rachel been?" Clearly, this Rachel has been taking Sunday strolls! So, I'm making it my new goal for 2012 to push myself harder and harder each time I ride. I have to get faster and better. I.will.get.there.

January biking 003

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