Tuesday, January 17, 2012

mountain bike monday - chilly ridin'

First, I'd like to apologize as I didn't get any pics of us riding over the weekend. Dynamo and I were so busy just riding that I completely forgot, plus I didn't make as many stops as usual. I'm trying very hard to keep my legs going and turning as much as possible. I think this strategy will help me increase my time as well as keep my joints lubricated (I'm sure there's a technical term for this, but you know what I mean).

We ventured out on a cold Sunday about mid-day to explore the park. The temperature was around 34 degrees when we started. We have the proper gear, so cold isn't usually a factor. I was a little cold for some reason. It got straightened out and I was ok for the most part.

We started out at the boat ramp and meandered up to the front of the park, ventured over to what we call the horse side of the park for about 7 miles, then rode along Fendley Station down to the damn and back, and then around the outer Fendley Station loop towards the green and blue trails, ultimately ending up back at the boat ramp for 25 miles of riding.

It was a good ride. My pace was consistent. Not fast, not slow. Around 9 mph on average. I'll take that. When we finished I was proud of my ride time and knew that my time keeps improving because I'm pushing myself to utilize the downhills and not stop very much. I keep telling myself to keep the legs turning! Pedal! Pedal! We had a great time together!

On another note, when we stopped by the bike shop yesterday I talked with the guys there about hydration. They were so kind to answer my questions and make suggestions. Dynamo had suggested that I try some different mixes in my camelbak, so we bought three new things to try. I'll report in on how that works!

I also drooled over some bikes while there! It's easy to get distracted by all the shiny new stuff! More on choosing a good bike shop in another post!

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