Monday, January 9, 2012

Mountain Bike Monday - 2 great rides

Wow!! Yesterday completed our 4th great ride since returning from vacation! On Saturday, Dynamo, MBM, and I set out for a quick spin on the Lakeview Trails. I had to roll quickly as I had to attend a baby shower in the early afternoon.

It was a lovely day. The weather was warmer than average. It was a great day for riding. We weren't the only ones who set out for the trails. There were bikers everywhere in the park. I had a record breaking ride on Saturday! Fastest time ever!

And, yesterday was a cooler day for riding, but still comfortable and sunny.
January 8 Ride_0002

We met up with MBM for a ride. Before we got started we discussed our respective church sermons and what we had learned that morning. Yesterday was Epiphany. The Pastor talked about making resolutions and the one thing we could change in 2012...of course that is ourselves. He suggested that there are many opportunities to make changes in the world. We can help to stop racism, to feed those who are without, to give to those less fortunate, and simply be a better person in 2012. We also discussed how Christmas should be about the birth of Christ and not about presents. We agreed that when it's impossible to figure out what to buy someone then maybe we should be spending that money giving to those who are without instead of buying something just to have a gift to give.

January 8 Ride_0004

We enjoyed the chance to talk with MBM about church because we can all learn from one another. Our rides are more than just pedaling...they are a chance to learn about friends and talk about things we have in common.

January 8 Ride_0015

Dynamo wanted to go exploring and check out some of the side roads we've seen many times, but never had the time to check out.

January 8 Ride_0006

January 8 Ride_0009

We pedaled and explored starting on a portion of the Fendley Station Loop at the front of the park, venturing down a side path and ultimately making our way on a section of the Lakeview Trail, and then popped back out onto Fendley Station. Back on track we ventured down towards the campground and cut through and across and new path over to the pool and boat launch area.

January 8 Ride_0013

We did the Forest Exploration Trail backwards. Well, it was backwards to us because it was opposite from the normal route we travel. We were really changing things up! It felt weird, but good to experience the trails from a new perspective.

January 8 Ride_0012

As we stopped to wait for Dynamo to put his chain back on we noticed this tree carved with love!

January 8 Ride_0011

We finished up on Forest Exploration which links into Fendley Station at points (Loop A & B) and headed back towards the front of the park where we had parked the car.

January 8 Ride_0016

On the way back we wanted to check out a new gravel path that lead to a different section of the campground. Wow! It was a little hilly!

January 8 Ride_0019

Dynamo sure did push me on the hills! It was tough, but I felt good. We completed 22 miles by the time we reached the car. Great ride and great day!

January 8 Ride_0021

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