Tuesday, July 27, 2010

monkey-ing around...

Over the weekend I worked on this little guy! It's a pattern (modified a little) from Melly & Me called Magoo. Isn't he a cute monkey? I like that he has a jagged look. Here is a little closeup shot:
I hate to sew and then turn right-side out. It's just a nightmare for me and with his little arms and legs that would have been so frustrating. So, I decided I wanted him to look a little frayed! I think it gives him texture and personality!

The monkey is a gift for my Adopted Niece, Jordan, whose birthday party is this weekend. Her parents told me that she said "If Aunt Rachel gets me a gift I know she'll make it herself." Needlesstosay, the pressure was on to create a cool birthday gift. I hope he fits the bill. I think the wild Amy Butler fabric makes him special. I'm working on something else...If that works out I'll post it later this week.

Hope he brought you a smile like he did me!

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