Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a little comfort and peace

About 3 years ago, my boss gave me this little black moleskin book. She told me that she liked to carry one around to write down things that she came across that she wanted to remember.

Well, I did just that, but it seemed like I wanted the book to be a little more. So, I decided to alter it a little. I collaged the front of the book and added a title to the spine.
I had been writing things in my book...mostly quotes from sermons that really made an impact. I also noticed that there were many Bible verses. So, when I titled my book I thought it best to call it what it was, "Comfort and Peace." When I open it, I can turn the pages and read the words and somehow I feel better.

I wanted to take the remainder of the blank pages and make them beautiful and more like an art journal. I am also quite the collector of old mini pamphlets. I had found some really neat ones at a yard sale that were focused on prayer related to worry and being of good cheer. So, it seemed fitting to insert these into the book somehow too!

So, here are some of the pages.
I may go back and add more to the pages, but I like the start so far. Hopefully you have a place where you write down the words that are important to you.

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va_grown said...

That is turning out BEAUTIFUL. I usually write all that stuff in my bible. My front cover flaps are just full of "scribbles" and I've got papers and prayer cards and stuff falling out everywhere. :)