Monday, January 24, 2011

Mountain Bike Monday - Bon Voyage Salsa

Yesterday I took my possible last ride on "our" Salsa Moto Rapido. Remember that bike? It was another cold ride. But, with the right gear (i.e. Toasti Toes), it really isn't that bad!

The creek was beautiful all iced over!

So, back to the Salsa...Well, it hardly gets ridden. It's like having a Corvette, but never driving it. Ever since I got Spot, my single speed, I've neglected my Salsa. Sure, I've felt bad about it, but Spot has been working well for me since I got him. Rarely do I have trouble with my Spot. You just get on and ride. Not much to think about except when to sit and when to stand.

So, ever since Dynamo and I have been riding our single speeds, we've neglected our geared bikes. It just doesn't make sense for us to have two nice geared bikes, with no one riding them. So, Dynamo's geared bike is being sold in parts by Carytown Bikes on Ebay. Interested? Go check it out!

And, mine may soon be for sale too. Our plan is to build up one geared bike that either of us can ride when, and if, we need gears. Trust me, there are times when gears are needed! I'll share more about the new bike once it arrives. You know I'll be test driving it. It's going to be an awesome color too - Kermit green (we hope)!

So, today was a test for me. I hadn't ridden my geared bike on the trails since mid-summer. I could tell I was much stronger and could ride the hills in higher gears than before. I truly believe that Spot has helped to strengthen my leg muscles.

Inch by inch, day by day, I've gotten stronger. I'm hopeful that this spring and summer will be filled with faster and longer rides. Practice makes perfect.

Happy Monday!

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