Monday, January 10, 2011

Mountain Bike Monday - A cold crawl

Yesterday was cold. Yesterday we rode. Yesterday I was slow. It felt like I had lead in my tires and like I was crawling along.

The lake was frozen over at the park!
The trails were frozen and crunchy, so the riding was just right. We warmed up quickly riding some fire roads to get to the trail head. On the trail it certainly wasn't my best ride, but I got through it...I ended up getting in about 11 miles.

It was mid-30s out today with 15-20 mph winds, supposedly! It was certainly chilly if you stopped for any amount of time.

We had a little technical difficulty, but got back on track after some tweaking! I must admit that anytime we have some bike issues, I do learn from them.

Overall, it was good to be outside, to get fresh air, to be with Dynamo and MBM, and get some exercise. I'm just grateful that those two are very patient, especially when I have a slow day!

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Jim Rosen said...

Brrr. Way to go! It was too cold for me. I was thinking of doing some yard work but took a nap instead.