Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mainely Lobster

So, after our eventful, wonderful 4th of July in Boston, we rose early to check-out of the hotel and get on the road to our final destination - Bar Harbor, Maine. We successfully navigated out of Boston (of course Dynamo was driving - he can do anything!). I was directing (I do that best)! Did I mention how much I LOVE maps? Well, I do! Any kind of map! I LOVE to navigate. I think I have a pretty good sense of direction. Usually when we get lost in the woods or on the road I can "feel" my way back. I can't explain it, but I have always had a good sense of where I am in relation to other things.

Back to the, as soon as we got out of Boston it wasn't long before we were through New Hampshire and into Maine. We stopped at the Visitor's Center in Kittery, Maine.


Of course I had to be the dork and wanted to take a photo of us in front of the sign.


The man at the counter was soooo helpful! He gave me a state map (I was in heaven - no matter what people say a paper map is better than digital anyday!) and directed us to take the scenic drive up Route 1 to Bar Harbor!

On our way we saw lots of pretty sights. We enjoyed stopping here and there to take photos. We were in no real hurry...just enjoying the time together in the car!


We rode past this green traincar turned lunch counter on the side of the road. We made a U-turn and went back to check it out!



It was there we had our first lobster roll! Up at the counter I asked the young man what was in a lobster roll and he said, "Just mayonnaise and lobster on a hotdog bun." Another customer said that we had to try the lobster roll. So, we did!



That's when I discovered my true new favorite. No, it wasn't the lobster, but the bun it was on. It was like a hot dog bun on the bottom and two halves of bread on the sides. It was toasted! YUMMMMMMYYYY!!! Never before had I seen anything like that. The woman asked me where I was from and then proceeded to tell me that they don't have those rolls in the south. Bummer! I was in heaven!

In addition to the fantastic bun we shared the best french fries I've ever had! They were chunky crinkle cut fries that were cooked just right. Maybe I was super hungry, but they sure seemed like the best ever! I normally don't order french fries, but it was vacation after all!

With our tummies full we continued onward towards Bar Harbor! We stopped when we saw this beautiful bridge!



There were lots of rocks right before it. This is where we started noticing all of the rock.


Then, after we came over the bridge we saw signs for Fort Knox! Yes, it's a real place. Here is the photo...


I had never heard of Bucksport, but that's where Fort Knox is! We stopped at this lovely pier to take photos.


We eventually got to Southwest Harbor where we stayed at the Harbor Cottage Inn.


It was a quaint, quiet place. Perfect for a vacation! Did I mention there wasn't any air condititioning? Well, apparently in Maine they don't have hot enough weather to need it, so all they have is a button for heat. Otherwise, the windows were the natural a/c. This was the case in many shops we stopped in.

After we were settled we ventured into Bar Harbor for dinner at this cute pizza place, which was ranked pretty high on Trip Advisor!


We talked to some people at the bike shops and then went down to check out the sand bar that forms everyday twice each day between Bar Harbor and Bar Island. That's how Bar Harbor got its name! It was really neat!


Here we were on the sand bar!


To be continued...

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Kristi Sutphin said...

I prefer a paper map too! Haven't you noticed the collection in my office?