Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wet and Wild at the Market

To say last week was wet is an understatement!

Petersburg Market August 25, 2012

It was wet and cold loading and unloading the flowers and soaps. We were wondering if we would have any customers!

Petersburg Market August 25, 2012 (1)

To our complete surprise, people came! They shopped and braved the weather! The best part of our market is that we are under the bridge! So, there's a little protection from the elements!

Petersburg Market August 25, 2012 (5)

Even though it was cold and windy we still managed to have a good morning at the market.

Petersburg Market August 25, 2012 (9)

Charlie looked at me funny when I left him at home! I told him to stay home with his dad and sleep late! Dynamo said he kept looking for me. He knows that Saturday is market day and time for him to go see his fur-friends and human friends.

Petersburg Market August 25, 2012 (13)

I look up and see off in the distance two Bostons that he's been waiting to meet! Roscoe and Butterbean!

Petersburg Market August 25, 2012 (11)

They came just to meet Charlie and let me tell you...they were so disappointed when they found out he was at home! So, I begged them to come back! Their parents promised to bring them back another day!

Petersburg Market August 25, 2012 (12)

Thank you to all the shoppers who braved the weather! About 10:15 the wind shifted and rain was coming in everywhere. There was a mad rush to get cleaned up and packed. Early day, but at least we got some rain!

Hope to see you all this Saturday bright and early! Happy Thursday!

Petersburg Market August 25, 2012 (8)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The prince...

Well, this is me at Grandpa's while my parents were gone! Notice the rug is all bunched up and I'm attacking my long lost lamb (long story on that).


I get the royal treatment. I get to hang out all day outside if I want in the air conditioned garage in the chair with my blanket!


Remember, I can go in and out all day and play in my pool whenever. Spoiled? Not me!

And...this is how I liked to sleep while at my Grandparents' house...


Do you see my head propped up on the edge of the fireplace? Crazy, I know! I am on the chair outside on the porch...lounging around! I know I shouldn't be up here...


I'm so proud of myself! Look at me!


While there last week, I got the opportunity to do lots of things including dig! I'm not looking for anything in particular....just stuff to eat.


But...the best part is what I did yesterday while my B.B. wasn't looking! She was on the phone and not watching me, so I went upstairs and was running around in circles. She said I was laughing at her! I thought she wouldn't catch me...but, when she did I had already found the skein of yarn and was slobbering all over it! Yum!


I played dumb when B.B. found me!


I guess this is why I'm still in the crate when they go out huh? I'm not to be trusted fully yet...I know! I'm still a baby!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A little vacation update

Last Sunday Dynamo and I left our baby, Charlie Boy, with my parents and headed off on a mini vacation.

Southport Vacation August 2012 (1)

This was the first time since Charlie came into our lives that we left him. I was worried sick! He, on the other hand, didn't mind a bit! I cried as we pulled out of the driveway waving and he just kept sniffing and didn't think anything of it! He did try to chase us down the lane for a bit, but as soon as Grandpa called him back he turned around.

Southport Vacation August 2012 (3)

We had a bit of a stressful ride down because of all the rain, but we made the best of it and took our time. We got lunch and grabbed some blue raspberry blowpops and snapped the above pic in the car! Our tongues were really blue!!

Southport Vacation August 2012 (4)

Our destination was the Robert Ruark Inn in Southport, North Carolina! What a lovely historic home converted to a B&B. We have stayed here in the past and wanted to come back for another visit.

Southport Vacation August 2012 (32)

Southport Vacation August 2012 (9)

The town is a quiet place with not much going on. And...we like it that way! They have a waterfront park with lots of benches and swings. Most times of the day you can find people out swinging and enjoying the view of the river.

Southport Vacation August 2012 (11)

I couldn't wait to get down to the river to swing and hunt for shells and sea glass.

Here we are taking our own picture on the swing...

Southport Vacation August 2012 (14)

All of our pics will be like this. That's how it goes when it's just the two of you on vacation. We spent lots of time hunting the riverfront and also enjoyed a day or two on the beach at Oak Island.

Southport Vacation August 2012 (22)

This time of the year the beaches aren't too crowded there.

Southport Vacation August 2012 (24)

All of the kids are getting ready to go back to school and it's really mostly adults!

Southport Vacation August 2012 (23)

Dynamo loves to play in the waves. This makes me very nervous. But, because he hurt his back he didn't go in this year. So, we people watched and relaxed.

We checked out lots of different local restaurants. We love to eat at local establishments that are different.

Southport Vacation August 2012 (67)

Southport Vacation August 2012 (66)

We had lunch one day at this lovely little bakery/cafe called Baked with Love.

Southport Vacation August 2012 (48)

Talk about friendly people and good food!

On each table are different salt and pepper shakers. They are so cute!

Southport Vacation August 2012 (47)

And, the cookie ice cream sandwich was so good!

Southport Vacation August 2012 (44)

The best part was the bathroom sign...

Southport Vacation August 2012 (45)

Oh, and my new favorite is Joseph's Italian Bistro! It was the best ever! The bread was to die for! Cheese on top and a dipping sauce. Oh, and the salad! YUM!!!

The view from the deck was peaceful!

Southport Vacation August 2012 (8)

Each day was so lovely and relaxing. It rained most nights and we heard the "tinking" sound in the fireplace of our room! We woke to fresh leaves and a wet bike seat! Two mornings I got up before Dynamo and everyone else in town and headed to the waterfront via bike to look for shells and stuff for about an hour. I found this one cool shell on the beach that looked like a heart. I snapped the pic with my phone! It made me think of Dynamo of course!!

heart shell

The pace in Southport is much slower and everyone is so friendly! We had to visit our usual places including the Art Shak and Bullfrog Corner. Where else can you find puppets for sale than in Bullfrog Corner?

Southport Vacation August 2012 (57)

This year we checked out the maritime museum where Dynamo peered out across the river through a periscope! Yes, from a real submarine!

Southport Vacation August 2012 (50)

I, of course, zoned in on the sharks' teeth on the wall!

Southport Vacation August 2012 (51)

I have childhood nightmares from jaws. Sharks rank up there with snakes in my book! I don't go in the ocean either!

Dynamo even practiced tying some nautical knots while in the museum.

Southport Vacation August 2012 (55)

Southport's residents have quite a sense of humor obviously. Check out these porch ladies that decorate a nearby porch.

Southport Vacation August 2012 (29)

And...this cool yard lady...

Southport Vacation August 2012 (34)

Our time away was lovely. Too short of course. But, we recommend Southport to anyone who wants a little slower pace without the commercialization.

Southport Vacation August 2012 (40)

We stayed in the Virginia Room. Fantastic!

Southport Vacation August 2012 (69)

Southport Vacation August 2012 (70)

Oak Island reminds me of Nags Head years and years ago.

Southport Vacation August 2012 (64)

Southport Vacation August 2012 (65)

And, on our way home we stopped in Wilmington for lunch and ice cream at Kilwin's!

Southport Vacation August 2012 (74)

We had lunch at the Wayfair. YUMMY!!! Best mac and cheese I've ever had!

Southport Vacation August 2012 (72)

I was sad that our trip was over, but we thoroughly enjoyed a little time away together! Hope you're having a happy Tuesday!

Southport Vacation August 2012 (61)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bluebery lemon deliciousness

Blueberry Lemon Verbena Soap August 2012 (16)

All I can say about this new soap is "YUM!"

Blueberry Lemon Verbena Soap August 2012 (12)

Blueberries and smells like a bakery! This is my new blueberry lemon verbena!

Blueberry Lemon Verbena Soap August 2012 (8)

This is a special order soap I recently made for a bridal shower! These soaps will be the favors! The request was for a combination of blueberries and lemons. The bride grew up in Maine and now lives in California. So, the request was to blend the two scents as a representation of her past and future life. What a neat idea!!

Blueberry Lemon Verbena Soap August 2012 (7)

I was honored to be asked. It is such a compliment for my soaps to be a part of such a special celebration!

Blueberry Lemon Verbena Soap August 2012 (6)

We will be shipping them off soon! And...since I have also fallen in love with this new fragrance, I'll be making more! So, get ready!!