Friday, February 28, 2014

Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap

Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap by The Daily Scrub

I'm really excited about all the new fragrances for this spring, but most excited about this lovely Japanese Cherry Blossom!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap by The Daily Scrub

It is identical to my favorite fragrance from Bath and Body from years ago! It's so light that it's just right!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap by The Daily Scrub

As always I added some activated charcoal and sparkles to the top! Gotta have sparkles!!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap by The Daily Scrub

And, did I mention that I love pink? Well, this pink mixed with the cranberry color is a bold combo, but turned out well!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap by The Daily Scrub

I'm so excited to get all of our new stuff out this spring! Be on the lookout! We're getting ready for two shows coming up in April in the Richmond area!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap by The Daily Scrub

Think spring!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap by The Daily Scrub

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mini Monster Cross 2014

This was the crowd on Sunday at the Start of the Monster Cross Race at Pocahontas State Park...


In years past I was on the sidelines cheering Dynamo on! Well, this year I decided to participate! Dynamo and I both did the 21 mile option - the mini monster!


This race takes place on the fireroads at the park. For those of you that think Poco is flat, think again. The course is quite challenging with lots of ups and downs, and even some very muddy spots on Sunday!


The start of the race is always so jam packed, which is what I was afraid the entire course would be like with over 600 riders. Let me remind you that this was my first official bike race ever! I don't like the thought of being surrounded by lots of people, so I was always intimidated to try. The 50 milers went off first leaving the 21 milers at the back. Well, I went to the WAY back at the start! There's a beast of a hill at the start and I didn't want to get involved in the chaos at the start, so I gave myself plenty of room. Plus, I'm not a speed demon! ha!


Yes, the unicycle guy was rockin' the hill next to me!


Our friends Jim and Melissa were at the start and on the course to capture moments. Of course in the beginning I'm still smiling! And, look...after 13 miles I'm still smiling!


Also, our friends Marioooochee and Elise came out too! They brought their new baby boy, Breck, and the dogs out to cheer! I can't believe our friends stuck it out yet another year there cheering us on. Dynamo was near the front of the pack, so after he flew by them they had to wait about 40 minutes or more for me! Talk about dedication! And, it meant a lot! I was really looking forward to seeing our friends. It really gave me a boost of encouragement each time! Most of the time I have always been the cheering squad and not the rider/racer. It's so awesome to see people there clapping and whistling and smiling at you as you come through! Just when you need a little extra umph it was there!


The pic above is me just after the finish line! I couldn't believe that I had completed my first Mini Monster Cross! And, it was my best time ever for riding the course! I finished in 2 hours 8 minutes and 11 seconds! 35th out of 44 in the Women's category! I'll take it!! And Dynamo finished 19 out of 74 in his category! He rocked it!!!! In 1 hour 31 minutes and 46 seconds!


My parents made it to the finish with Charlie! And our friends were there too!


It was an amazing experience to be a part of such a fun event. Everyone was so encouraging and helpful! Mostly my Dynamo! He was my biggest fan! Always is. He rode with me for weeks, correction years! He pushed me. He kept me pumped up. He always put me first! He has ridden time and time again at my speed just to be with me and support me! Without him I wouldn't have pushed myself. I wanted to make him proud of me! I love you, Dynamo, with all my heart! Thank you!!

I would also like to mention one thing my mom brought up to me. She noticed that at the finish everyone was so happy and friendly. There wasn't one single person talking on a cell phone. Everyone was visiting with each other and making friends. Talk about a great environment! Good times!!

There are more pics of the event floating around on my mom's camera! Once I get those I'll share them here! I realized that we didn't have one pic yet of Dynamo and I together at the finish!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dynamo's 5k Trail Run

This past weekend was filled with outdoor festivities!


We arrived on Saturday morning at Pocahontas State Park for the Xterra 5K trail run!

Xterra 5K Feb 2014 (3)

Racers huddled around the start! Dynamo was participating in the 5k run, but there was also a 15k!

Xterra 5K Feb 2014 (13)

Charlie and I cheered Dynamo on at the start!

Xterra 5K Feb 2014 (16)

The race took place over on the fire roads on the Forest Exploration Trail, which is across the boat ramp!

Xterra 5K Feb 2014 (19)

While we waited I made Charlie pose! And, as usual he wasn't interested!

Xterra 5K Feb 2014 (17)

And before long here comes Dynamo to the finish!

Xterra 5K Feb 2014 (21)

Our star!

Xterra 5K Feb 2014 (25)

4th overall and 1st in his age group!

Xterra 5K Feb 2014 (26)

Xterra 5K Feb 2014 (27)

After a little rest Charlie was ready to play with his dad!


Stick please!

Xterra 5K Feb 2014 (33)

Always playtime!

Xterra 5K Feb 2014 (37)

And here are the boys posing after a fun trail run! Great job, Dynamo!

Xterra 5K Feb 2014 (44)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hiking the Crater

In all the times we've been to the Petersburg National Battlefield we've never experienced The Crater!


You can't ride your bike there, so I guess that's why! And, it's the farthest away from the other part of the park where the trails are!


It was a little chilly, but a good hike!


We stopped at the audio stations and explored the various points.


We headed down a new trail! We had noticed people walking, but never knew how they got to these parts of the park.

Charlie is always up for hiking "off road" in new places. He loves the trail. But if you think for one minute that he will jog with us on our road think again! It must be too boring for him!


He likes to go to the park. He will hike forever in a new place!


He gets so irritated when I make him pose for pics!! There's no time for this in his mind!


If it was a little warmer he would have been in this creek!


The different plaques had different stages of the battle/timeline.


The park had just built this new bridge and we were anxious to find it! Apparently, there's a new short trail section added too!


Another pic here!


This is the "come on, let's go!" look...


So much to see!


Then, we attempted a "groupie!"


And, this one Charlie couldn't resist licking mid-shot!


We do enjoy the sights and scenery at the park!


It's great to learn about things that are right under your nose!




One last pose before heading out!


We got in about a 3 mile hike before it got quite cold! If you're ever in the area, check out the Petersburg National Battlefield!