Thursday, January 31, 2013

Coconut Citrus Sorbet Soap

coconut citrus sorbet handmade soap 004

Hands down this is my most favorite scent right now! This is such a light scent, but so creamy! A truly nice blend of coconut and citrus. Not too fruity though!

coconut citrus sorbet handmade soap 008

I told you all a while back that this spring I was bringing some new fragrances into the lineup!

coconut citrus sorbet handmade soap 010

Well, this one is fantastic! A true experiment, but it turned out to be great!

coconut citrus sorbet handmade soap 013

I added a little orange peel powder for texture and the colors make it look so spring like don't you think?

coconut citrus sorbet handmade soap 015

I can't wait to bring this out to the market! I'll be listing it online too shortly!

coconut citrus sorbet handmade soap 021

Speaking of online...the coupon code ends today! So, if you haven't made your soap selections from my ETSY shop, head on over! 10 percent off with code 10OFF!

coconut citrus sorbet handmade soap 027

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Snow Monster

When I got home on Friday from work, the guys were ready to play!

Charlies 2nd Snow Jan 2013 001edit

So, I ran inside and threw my stuff down and got outside with the camera! Charlie would wait patiently for Dynamo to get a shovel full of snow and throw it in the air.

Charlies 2nd Snow Jan 2013 039edit

Then, he would try to catch the snow in his mouth...

Charlies 2nd Snow Jan 2013 019edit

Charlies 2nd Snow Jan 2013 007edit

Charlies 2nd Snow Jan 2013 011edit

Charlies 2nd Snow Jan 2013 008edit

He just didn't want to come inside! We knew he was cold, but he was having so much fun!

Charlies 2nd Snow Jan 2013 024edit

The snow throwing went on for a while more...

Charlies 2nd Snow Jan 2013 070edit

Charlies 2nd Snow Jan 2013 057edit

He was fascinated by it..

Charlies 2nd Snow Jan 2013 045edit

He even wiped off his face with his paws!

Charlies 2nd Snow Jan 2013 066edit

Charlies 2nd Snow Jan 2013 074edit

We had the best time playing with him!

Charlies 2nd Snow Jan 2013 082edit

Charlies 2nd Snow Jan 2013 085edit

He wasn't happy to have to quit playing and come inside!

Charlies 2nd Snow Jan 2013 091edit

We took him out over and over in small increments because it was so cold. He just couldn't get enough!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mountain Bike Monday - A snowy path


Although a little cold yesterday, it was absolutely gorgeous at the park!


A friend of ours joined us for a snowy spin at Poco!


And, we really had a great time!


I had never ridden at the park on snow covered paths, so it was a new experience.


And, I loved it! Surprisingly, I had more traction than I thought I would. Dynamo reminded me that these are mountain bikes with knobby tires!


I took it easy on the downhills because I wasn't sure how much I would slide.


I can honestly say that I am really looking forward to more snowy rides this winter! It does take a little more work and you have to pay closer attention, but the scenery is worth it!


I really wanted to see the split rock covered with snow! So, we headed over to Forest Exploration to check it out!


It was beautiful so we stopped to snap a self portrait!


And, then we headed onward...



There were lots of bikers, hikers, and runners out. I guess they wanted to experience the park snowy like us!


The day was pretty! My toes got a little chilly, but it was worth it.


The dam near the parking area was sparkling...


It was a lovely afternoon! Even the lake had some icy spots!


Hope you enjoyed the snow if you happened to be lucky enough to get some!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Charlie's 1st Birthday!

Here he is!!! The birthday boy!!

Charlie's 1st Birthday Jan 2013 003edit

Yesterday was Charlie Boy's 1st Birthday! Dynamo made him a little party hat to wear and we celebrated with some Frosty Paws doggie ice cream!

Charlie's 1st Birthday Jan 2013 021edit

Yummy!! He was so good patiently waiting while we sang to him and snapped lots of pictures!

Charlie's 1st Birthday Jan 2013 027edit

He loves ice cream and couldn't wait to get into it!

Charlie's 1st Birthday Jan 2013 033edit

Charlie got another present...a new bed! We finally found one similar in size to his beloved green beds. So, this one will just be an addition to his other two for now until we have no choice but to get rid of one of his favorite green ones.

Charlie's 1st Birthday Jan 2013 010edit

We can't believe that he's already a year old! Technically, 7 in people years! Time sure does fly! He has blessed our lives so much since we got him in March. Our house is complete again! God does have a plan and Charlie was meant for us! He's so happy and playful and welcomes us home everyday with moochies and hugs. Animals are special! They teach us more than we know.

Lastly, I have to share with you his official AKC registration. We finally decided on his official name (good thing Dynamo is creative). Here it is! Hooray!


Have a good weekend and enjoy the snow!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Project Life

I discovered this new technique of scrapbooking recently! Well, I don't know how new it is, but it is to me. The idea is to have pre-cut, colored and patterned paper in a particular theme as inserts that you simply place into the pockets of the assorted 12 x 12 pages along with your pictures. The layouts vary, but the idea is simple. It's called Project Life.

Project Life Page 1 2013

There are assorted sizes of pockets to each page. You print standard 4 x 6 pictures and just fill in the pockets.

Project Life Pg1(2) 2013


Project Life Page 2 2013

It took me a couple of pages to get the idea! I bought the Olive Edition designed by Heather Bailey, but quickly discovered I could add in my own decorative papers and plain papers along with my embellishments.

Project Life Page 3 2013

You can make this as hard or as simple as you want.

Project Life Page 4 2013

In the beginning I started googling images for "Project Life." I began to doubt my work as always after looking at everyone else's pretty work. It's hard not to compare yourself to others and their styles, but I think I found what works for me.

Project Life Pg 4 (2) 2013

I found the best thing is to not try to recreate others' works, but to borrow ideas and concepts and make them my own.

Project Life Pg 5 (2) 2013

The one thing I've always disliked is my own handwriting (I think most people do). But, everything you read says to use your own writing if you can. So, I did...

Project Life Page 5 2013

Sometimes you just have to develop a system that works for you. I don't want to spend lots of time on every page, but I do want things to be documented instead of having thousands of pictures floating in space (aka Flickr).

Project Life Page 6 2013

If you haven't ever heard of Project Life, give it a Google image search and see what I mean!

Project Life page 7 2013

And, be sure to check out Becky Higgins. She created this cool stuff! I'll be sharing more pages as I complete them. How do you keep track of your memories?