Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mountain Bike Monday - Am I a half monster?

bike stable_0003

Three-and-a-half years ago I would have never understood this scene above. Over the years there have been many a bike in our dining room in the process of being built, repaired, or otherwise. I always said it was Dynamo's thing! I have helped him set up a few bikes at midnight in the garage...trying to get the shifting just right. I've held wrenches and provided assistance whenever needed. I know most of the parts of the bike and can for the most part converse with anyone on a pretty basic level.

Poco Ride Jan 13, 2013_0008

Years ago I questioned why one person needed more than one bike and now I'm eating my words. Funny how that happens huh?

Poco Ride Jan 13, 2013_0007

Today, I'm excited to know more about biking than I did those many years ago and I enjoy it so much. I have learned so much just by listening.

Poco Ride Jan 13, 2013_0003

I'm grateful to Dynamo for taking the time to teach me about bikes and riding. Not every spouse would be as patient as he was, especially in the beginning. Day after day I would cry and whine about the difficulty of learning to ride. Dynamo stuck by me and guided me to the point I am at today.

Poco Ride Jan 13, 2013_0005

Dynamo is one of the most positive people I know, especially when it comes to exercising. Yesterday as I was complaining about the parts of the Monster Cross route that were not my favorite he told me that thinking negatively would only bring down my performance.

Poco Ride Jan 13, 2013_0012

He most certainly was correct, and I really started to think about that. There are certain parts of the park that are not my favorite for one reason or the other. I particularly dislike the side we call "the horse side" because the hooves make lots of indentations and it's very rough.

Poco Ride Jan 13, 2013_0013

Instead of dreading that section, I need to look at it differently. You really have to keep on your toes some days due to the land mines in the middle of the trails if you know what I mean!

Poco Ride Jan 13, 2013_0017

I admire his ability to look at things in a positive light. I need to be more grateful that I can accomplish what I do and seek to improve it each time. I need to block out negative thoughts. It's a mind thing!

Poco Ride Jan 13, 2013_0019

We tried to get our heads in the pic above...a sort of in action shot, but we just couldn't quite get it!

Poco Ride Jan 13, 2013_0021

Life is much more fun when you have someone like Dynamo to share it with. He's such an encourager and a fan! He never complains if I move too slow or how long it takes us. He says just being on the bike is training for him. Not many husbands are so patient and just enjoy being together like that. I'm so blessed.

Poco Ride Jan 13, 2013_0030

And, we couldn't have asked for a better day to ride the half monster cross route! I made it...all 22 miles! Not bad after so much time goofing off!

Poco Ride Jan 13, 2013_0042

It was lovely outside. Such a nice surprise for January!

Poco Ride Jan 13, 2013_0046

And, remember while on vacation we bought a turtle horn for my bike? Well, I named him Roberto and he went for his first ride yesterday! Doesn't he look like a Roberto?

Poco Ride Jan 13, 2013_0001

I enjoyed honking at the people as we went by! The kids on the trails loved it! You really can't take yourself too seriously now can you? It made people smile! Hey - that's enough for me!

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