Friday, January 11, 2013

Back in the swing...

After some time off and a good holiday season with my soaps (thanks to you, my customers), it is time to start building up the inventory!

So, last night I pulled out all of my soaping equipment and made a batch of Tropical Waters soap. Every time I make a batch of soap it turns out different. That's what I just love about making soap. It's an opportunity to be artistic. I told Dynamo that I can't wait to see what each batch will look like once it's cut! It's new and different each time!

So, next week I'll post pics of the bars, which smell lovely!

This scent was one of the most popular this holiday and all year!

And, get ready because I'll be introducing new fragrances for this spring soon!

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Anne-Marie said...

It's lovely! And I'm totally digging the design. =)