Thursday, October 31, 2013

Vanilla Lime Time!

Vanilla Lime Soap by The Daily Scrub

This Vanilla Lime soap is balanced just right with the lime tartness and vanilla sweetness!

Vanilla Lime Soap by The Daily Scrub

Activated charcoal makes this bar extra yummy and pretty! Almost Halloweenish!

Vanilla Lime Soap by The Daily Scrub

This one is simply spooky!

Vanilla Lime Soap by The Daily Scrub

Put this one on your list to try!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lemon Deliciousness!

All of my customers say this Lemon Cake soap is addicting!

Lemon Cake Soap by The Daily Scrub

I must say that it really is delicious!

Lemon Cake Soap by The Daily Scrub

With the activated charcoal and the yellow Brazilian Clay it is quite amazing!

Lemon Cake Soap by The Daily Scrub

It truly smells like lemon buttercream cake!

Lemon Cake Soap by The Daily Scrub

This definitely is one you have to try!

Lemon Cake Soap by The Daily Scrub

Monday, October 28, 2013

Mountain Bike Monday - Bikes, BBQ, & Bluegrass

On Saturday we attended the Bikes, BBQ, & Bluegrass event at Pocahontas State Park. The event was a fundraiser to raise money for the future Ride Center. Here's a description from the FB page about the project:

Coming in 2015 the Richmond Region Ride Center will be an IMBA Ride Center located in Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield, VA.

The Richmond Region (RVA) Ride Center is the first legacy project of the 2015 UCI World Cycling Championships in Richmond, VA. When open in 2015, the IMBA Ride Center at Pocahontas State Park will feature 40+ miles of mountain bike specific trail. A partnership with the Paralyzed Veterans of America will include several miles of hand-cycle specific trails.


It was a bit chilly when we all gathered at the start of the event. We split into groups based on skill level and then hit the trails!


We picked up our friend, Carmen, and joined the beginner group!


It was a fun time riding with new friends all out to support the same cause!


People of all ages came out to join in the excitement!


After the ride we all ate BBQ and chatted!

And, the animals played!

And, so did the kids!

This kid was hilarious. Once he realized I was taking his picture, he kept calling, "Hey, Lady!"

The music was nice and so was the day! Perfect to gather and make new friends!

If you want to learn more about the Friends of Pocahontas State Park visit their Facebook page or ask to join the FB group!

Pocahontas State Park will be adding lots more miles of trails with the development of this IMBA Ride Center. Stay tuned!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Apple Pickin' Time!

On Sunday we ventured to Crozet for our annual apple picking trip! This time we went to Chiles Peach Orchard!


And, what a beautiful day it was! Mom and Dad came along and so did Charlie! He was so excited to be able to join us!


We got to picking and eating right away! Donuts that is!! The apple cider donuts are the best on the planet!!


Dynamo likes to practice his balancing with apples on his head! And Charlie has to try too! When he's not distracted by the shadows!



We tried to pose for a family pic, but Charlie was focused on the excitement all around!


These Fuji apples were the best ever! Absolutely delicious!


We finally got the little man to sit still for a couple of poses!


I just love this look...


Then we headed to Greenwood Grocery to grab some sandwiches...


And then we had a picnic in the park at Crozet with some family picture time!


It was a lovely day for apple picking and family time! If you've never been to Chiles Peach Orchard or Crozet be sure to put them on the list!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Mountain Bike Monday - Getting "fit"

Last Monday we had an appointment at the Richmond Bicycle Studio to get 4 bike fittings. We had pondered the need for this service for a while, but lately due to Dynamo's back pain issues we decided to move it up on the "have-to" list!

So, we scheduled a time for us to bring in four bikes. Our mountain bikes and our gravel grinders. We had heard good things about Craig Dodson and wanted to have a professional take a look at our bike setups to insure proper position and fit to maximize our riding performance!

We had never been to the RBS before, but had an idea of where it might be. When we arrived and opened the door to the shop it wasn't at all like a bike shop. It was a converted warehouse space with exposed brick walls and cement floor. Antique tables were placed here and there to hold the few clothing items for sale. Piping was installed to hold the few Kona bikes on the walls. There were three large vibrant paintings on the walls, which were a perfect compliment to the space. A large open floor space stood in the middle with bike trainers backed against the wall ready for the next class. We were immediately greeted by Wilson with a big smile and welcoming handshake. The office/checkout space was at the far end of the space elevated slightly on a platform built from rustic wood flooring.

Craig and Julie came out with smiles and welcomed us to the space. Along with them came the shop dog. Yes, every bike shop needs a shop dog.

Bike Fitting Oct 2013

You know how much we love dogs and as soon as I saw Craig and his dog I felt relaxed and comfortable. I knew he was a good guy.

Bike Fitting Oct 2013

Right away we started. They put each of our bikes on the trainers and told us to get on and ride. Almost immediately they were able to see small adjustments and started working...

Bike Fitting Oct 2013

They asked questions and talked to us about our riding habits and how we felt on the bike currently. Craig walked up to me right away and pushed my back in and told me to roll my hips. I immediately noticed a difference. Yes, I knew my core was weak, but once he positioned me properly I was able to tell how little I use my core and how much I use my wrists and hands.

Bike Fitting Oct 2013

We discussed the need for strengthening my core how to do this. I'm going to take my big yoga ball to work and sit on it to start strengthening.

Bike Fitting Oct 2013

The adjustments made weren't drastic...a stem switch here and there and a seat shift up and back. Same for Dynamo. But, the small adjustments were noticeable.

Bike Fitting Oct 2013

Craig and Julie were very knowledgeable and personable. They just made you feel comfortable. It just seemed like a place to come and hang out with friends.

Bike Fitting Oct 2013

So, if you're looking to get fit on your current bike or you're looking to buy a bike swing by and chat with Craig and Julie. The fittings are good for the life of the bike!

There's an important reason why we chose Craig to do our fitting. We believe in what he represents and what he does for the community. He gives back. Please take a minute to read on because you may be able to help. Craig does more than just the bike shop. He founded the Richmond Cycling Corps, Richmond's inner city/youth cycling outreach program.

This is their purpose:

Our purpose is to change the lives of youth who live in Richmond's public housing projects.

WE use cycling as our platform for change. We infuse ourselves; our passion, our values, our creativity, our drive, and our dedication into the lives of our youth. We have fun. We laugh. We teach. We learn. We promise our youth, that if they stay with Richmond Cycling Corps, they will get out of public housing. We will never break our promise. We will never become set in our ways; we will always be dynamic in our approach to changing youth lives. We are fearless in our approach to our purpose. We will not become tangled in red-tape, policy, politics, and talking heads. We will always deliver action, not messaging. Life is too short, and we, including our youth, have a lot to accomplish. We will always be passionate towards our purpose.

Craig uses the Richmond Bicycle Studio to financially support the youth programs in the Richmond Cycling Corps.

Here's an excerpt from the page:

An upscale 3,000sq ft boutique for all things cycling, Richmond Bicycle Studio is owned and operated by RCC. Launched on September 17th, 2011, RBS has become Richmond Cycling Corps' primary source of financial underwriting. The 'studio' specializes in high-end solutions to bicycle sales, service, fit, and indoor cycling classes.

So, what you spend in the bike studio on classes, fittings, clothes, etc. goes to support the youth programs.

It's not just about cycling with the youth. It's more than that. Read on...

Corps Needs- Systematic outreach, mentorship, and personal support for youth in the Cycling Corps program. From setting up and transporting to doctor’s appointments and driver’s education classes, to providing employment opportunities, school supplies, clothing, cooperating with school administration, Social Services, and/or Child Protection Services, we fully support each and every youth in ‘The Corps.’

Lunch Corps- We realize that involving ourselves within as many facets of our youth member’s lives is crucial to serving our purpose—and so we’ve created the Lunch Corps. For those youth whom we feel need a bit more individual attention, RCC will spend lunch with the youth at their school.

RCC Youth LAB- Another bold move by RCC, the LAB (Learning Around Bicycles) is a one-of-a-kind, 2,000sq ft. space designated for inner-city youth to learn bicycle mechanics, a trade, a skill, and an outlet for creativity through bicycle inspired art. The RCC Youth LAB launched on December 1st of 2012-- further establishing RCC as the most successful and revolutionary cycling-based outreach program in existence.

At RCC, our youth don't just try, they create. From T-shirt designs, handpainted bicycles, to producing the official logo for a country's national cycling team (Team Rwanda), our youth create amazing bicycle-inspired-art within Youth LAB. 

Craig is making a difference in the community. He's giving back and he's very passionate about his youth. It's inspiring and you walk out feeling inspired. At the end of our fitting we talked about an upcoming new effort at Armstrong High School. He's selling products to generate revenue for this program. The Daily Scrub will be donating soap for Craig to sell at his kick-off event in November. We will also plan to create a special soap for his project and donate that as well in the future. We are honored to be a part of his efforts and are willing to help in any way we can. Please take a moment to visit their website and support their cause!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lavender Chamomile Delight!

Lavender Chamomile Soap by The Daily Scrub

To say we've been making soap like crazy might just be an understatement!

Lavender Chamomile Soap by The Daily Scrub

We're so excited that the holidays are coming as well as two market days and an exciting craft show! We have to be ready!

Lavender Chamomile Soap by The Daily Scrub

Lavender Chamomile is one of my favorites! It's just so soothing and relaxing! And, perfect for babies too!

Lavender Chamomile Soap by The Daily Scrub

We use local lavender and chamomile in this bar! I just love herbs!

Lavender Chamomile Soap by The Daily Scrub

If you haven't tried this delightful fragrance, you should. It's absolutely wonderful!

Lavender Chamomile Soap by The Daily Scrub

Thanks for stopping by! See you at the Market Saturday!

Lavender Chamomile Soap by The Daily Scrub

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Get your cheer on!

Holiday Cheer Soap by The Daily Scrub

I know it's not even Halloween and we're making holiday soap! But, it really is that time of year! And, time to be thinking about holiday presents and craft shows!

Holiday Cheer Soap by The Daily Scrub

As you know it takes 3 to 4 weeks for each batch of soap to cure! So, we have to do a lot of planning in order to be able to have soap ready for the holidays!

Holiday Cheer Soap by The Daily Scrub

But...who doesn't love some warm vanilla and cinnamon? Are you cozy yet?

Holiday Cheer Soap by The Daily Scrub

The holidays are happy times! Time to be with family and friends! Time to be thankful! Time to eat good food too!

Holiday Cheer Soap by The Daily Scrub

This bar says "holiday" to me! With the warm brown and red with some light green! And, of course, GLITTER!!!! Makes me want to set up my Christmas tree right now!

And, don't forget that we're going to be at the Petersburg Farmers Market this Saturday from 8 a.m. until noon!!