Wednesday, November 30, 2011

lavender oatmeal yumminess!

Lavender Oatmeal Soap_0003_edited-1

Doesn't this look delicious? Pretend you can smell the lavender in the air. Oh, and a hint of oatmeal too!

Lavender Oatmeal Soap_0007

I'm having so much fun experimenting with different ingredients and smells. Oh, so yummy!

Lavender Oatmeal Soap_0025_edited-1

The loaf looked like something that you'd see in the bakery!

Lavender Oatmeal Soap_0014

I had so much fun adding the soap curls and soap sticks to the batch. I felt like I was a cake decorator! Then, I topped it off with crushed oats and lavender buds! Inside there are oats and buds for exfoliation umph!

Lavender Oatmeal Soap_0011

Yes, it is a little messy, but totally worth it!

It smells so good! I'll have some at the Farmers' Market on December 17th!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dynamo!

biking nov 20 j&r tint

Smooch (virtually)!!!!!

Today is a great day! It's Dynamo's birthday today!

He's strong, kind, generous, faithful, patient, talented, considerate, smart, and so many other wonderful things! He is my rock...I can always count on him.

I look forward to coming home to you everyday, Jeff! I'm so blessed to have you as my husband. So, today I wish you, hun, the best birthday ever! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mountain Bike Monday - Freedom Fun and TTF Heaven

Having a long holiday weekend meant extra time to play and even take a little field trip! We decided to check out Freedom Park in James City County/Williamsburg!

We had heard great things about this relatively new park, and it didn't disappoint.

Freedom Park Ride_0004_edited-1

So...on Saturday, we ventured out after dropping Lexi off with Momma, Daddy, and Grams. We stopped for a ham sandwich at Edwards in Surry. Wonderful little place!

Freedom Park Ride_0006_edited-2

Then, we hopped on the Jamestown Ferry over to Williamsburg.

Freedom Park Ride_0076_edited-1

The park is easy to find. Take the Longhill Road exit off of Route 199 and you'll drive straight into the park, located on Centreville Road.

Freedom Park Ride_0074_edited-1

First thing was to check out the bathrooms. And...let me tell you they sure were nice! Yes, they were new, but it sure was nice to go to a park and see such nice clean fresh scented facilities. First impression was fantastic!

We snapped a self portrait before we got started...

Freedom Park Ride_0008

We were told to check out Trails A, B, and C, so we started out on the very well-marked route from the parking area. The multi-use path took us shortly to the trailhead where we entered with Dynamo leading. On new trails I'm a little tentative and tend to be slower than normal, so Dynamo went first and signaled what was to come. This way I was more apt to go faster.

Freedom Park Ride_0009_edited-1

Trail A was fun. It was smooth and quick. The terrain reminded us of a mix between Poor Farm flats and Poco. Features were similar to that of York River (Marl Ravine Trail). There were some really neat bridges on A. There were well-marked obstacles with directional arrows giving you the option to choose the more difficult or less difficult route based on your riding level. I really appreciate the options. I know there's some debate about allowing options, but I am a big fan of having them. When I'm ready I will venture out of my comfort zone. I don't like to be forced. I like options.

The park was a nice mix of hardwoods and pines. The trail alternated between packed pine needle beds and packed leaf beds. It was pretty scenery.

Freedom Park Ride_0013_edited-1

Freedom Park Ride_0015_edited-1

Freedom Park Ride_0011

We got to Trail B and took it. We had mapped out our planned route before getting to the Park, so we were prepared and didn't want to be wasting time on the trail trying to figure out which way to turn.

Freedom Park Ride_0019_edited-1

Trail B was quick, only 1.7 miles. It linked back up to A, and we finished the first 6 ish miles quickly. We were ready to check out Trail C. We had heard it had some pretty wild TTFs (Technical Trail Features) and it didn't disappoint. So, Clay...this one's for you!!!

At the start of the trail there was a sign...

Freedom Park Ride_0027_edited-1

We watched a couple of guys tackle it! From here it didn't look so threatening...

Freedom Park Ride_0028_edited-1

But, from here???

Freedom Park Ride_0025_edited-1

Or here...

Freedom Park Ride_0026_edited-1

How about here?

Freedom Park Ride_0029_edited-1

Then...a warning sign of a 5 ft. drop...

Freedom Park Ride_0024_edited-1

I took the left and snapped some pics of Dynamo going down it...

Freedom Park Ride_0020_edited-1

Freedom Park Ride_0020_edited-2

Freedom Park Ride_0021_edited-1

Freedom Park Ride_0022_edited-1 to the next TTF...

Freedom Park Ride_0023_edited-1

They just kept coming...

Freedom Park Ride_0030_edited-1

Freedom Park Ride_0031_edited-1


Freedom Park Ride_0032_edited-1

We just kept saying, "The Lyons boys would be in heaven."

Freedom Park Ride_0035_edited-1

This one was crazy! The signage leading up to the next one said enough...

Freedom Park Ride_0037_edited-1

Freedom Park Ride_0038_edited-1

Freedom Park Ride_0039_edited-1

Freedom Park Ride_0040_edited-1

No, we're not joking...people really do these jumps! Check out YouTube!

Freedom Park Ride_0042_edited-1

This is "The Big Easy"!

Freedom Park Ride_0042_edited-2

Freedom Park Ride_0043_edited-2

Or...the Three Ridges...

Freedom Park Ride_0045_edited-1

Dynamo did check out this pretty cool ramp though...

Freedom Park Ride_0046_edited-1

Lots of skinnies...

Freedom Park Ride_0047_edited-1

Including "The Logness Monster". What a name!

Freedom Park Ride_0048_edited-1

It was like it went on forever...

Freedom Park Ride_0049_edited-1


Freedom Park Ride_0050_edited-1

Dynamo also checked out the see-saws as we finished up Trail C. Talk about an awesome, wild ride! We had a great time watching others tackle the obstacles while snapping pics.

We finished up our ride with some history. After all, we were in Williamsburg. You can't go there without getting some history in. At Freedom Park there is a reproduction of the Free Black Settlement. Here are some pics...

Freedom Park Ride_0052_edited-1

Freedom Park Ride_0058_edited-1

Freedom Park Ride_0060_edited-1

Freedom Park Ride_0062_edited-1

Freedom Park Ride_0065_edited-1

Freedom Park Ride_0066_edited-1

Freedom Park Ride_0072_edited-1

Inside the houses were small and modest...

Freedom Park Ride_0069

Freedom Park Ride_0071

It was a very educational end to a great ride. We completed about 12 miles. And...we had a fun time! Next time, Clay...we're videoing you attempting some of these TTFs!