Monday, November 14, 2011

Mountain Bike Monday - when it rains it pours!

Biking November 13 002

What a beautiful day it was for a ride in the park yesterday! At first it was a little chilly when we hopped out of the car, but it was nice to be back in shorts for the day's ride!

Biking November 13 003

The park was lovely with all of the gorgeous leaves falling all around! The wind was blowing and it was just a great day to be outside!

Biking November 13 5

We met up with our friends, Rachel and Clay, for a spin on the Lakeview Trails! Dynamo and I were all set to ride after he got a positive second opinion on his hand! With a little tape, some babying of it for a few months, and some patience, he should be back to new soon enough. The steroid shot helped a little too!

Biking November 13 006

Less than a mile into the ride we heard a giant pop! It was Clay's tire! So, we had to stop and watch him change it! He went back to the car to get the air adjusted and then met up with us a few miles later! So, needlesstosay, the ride started out a little rough!

Mom had told me the weather was going to be around 67, so I knew there was potential to see more critters out moving around! I had mentally prepared for snakes, but it wasn't until Rachel rode over one without seeing him, then I rode him over (mind you I looked down to see my tire crossing over his body) and then Dynamo hit him. Clay actually missed him we think. I always am looking down so I couldn't believe we didn't see him until we had all hit him! Yikes!! He was pretty small, but still pretty ferocious!

Of course I had to go back to take his picture!

Biking November 13 snake

Let's just say he was really mad! And...rightfully so...he was hit 3 times! So, Clay decided he would get a stick and move him off to the side!

Biking November 13 clay and snake

I'm not really sure he liked this either...

Biking November 13 snake on stick

Clay told me to hurry up with the pics because Mr. Snake was starting to slither up the stick! Ick!!

So, now we have experienced a flat tire and a snake within 3.5 miles of riding! Things weren't looking too good!

Biking November 13 rachel log

I continued to think positive and we kept rolling along enjoying the weather. Yes...I know the snake was enjoying his day too! I asked Rach to stop so we could take a pic of her under this falling tree. Weeks ago we had taken my pic under the log. It's clearly getting closer to the ground! See?

biking oct 23 11

The guys continued on the trail ahead of us. We talked and tried obstacles. Rach did a great job going down my favorite part of LV 2...the slick rocks!

Biking November 13 rachel rocks

Check out that form!

Biking November 13 rachel rocks 2

So serious! She planned her line before attempting and executed perfectly! I'm so excited for her! She's doing great!

All was fine until LV 3! The third event of the day was Rachel having a bad fall on the bridge. I almost had a heart attack. Her bike flipped off the side of the bridge, upside down, and she thankfully landed on the bridge. I should have taken a pic of the bike in the creek below, but honestly I couldn't get myself together enough to think. I was having flashbacks of MBM's fall a long time ago where he busted his lip on the bridge and we spent the evening in the emergency room.

Thank goodness Rach only had some skinned knees because it could've been worse. This is why you ride with someone!!! I'm just so grateful that we were together!

So, she recovered great and dried off her handlebar, and we headed onward.

And...just when we thought there couldn't be anymore chain broke! Yes...first time ever! broke on the worst part of the the what I call "torture section" of LV 3. So, I had to walk a while while we waited for the guys to backtrack to come and fix my chain. A nice lady stopped to ask if we were ok. People are so kind and helpful!

We were all fixed up and experienced no further events. Rach was all smiles as we approached the car!

Biking November 13 rachel finish

That was a very eventful 13 miles if I do say so myself! We had a great time with friends!!!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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Jim Rosen said...

You and those snakes. Sounds like everyone survived. I have gotten behind on reading your blog. I have been super busy at work. I used to read it on a break at work but now don't have the time. I always enjoy Mountain Bike Monday. And your soaps look really cool.