Monday, November 7, 2011

mountain bike monday - Spot comes out of the doghouse!

He's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biking Nov 6_0011_edited-1

Well, it's been a long while since Spot was out on the trails! We were trying to think back to when we got MUTT. I think it was in the early Spring sometime! Actually, this is when the blog comes in handy! It was in April. So, it's been a while since Spot was out!

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Back when I got MUTT, Dynamo had to strip most of Spot's parts off to build him up. So, Spot sat in the garage in pieces. Building bikes up takes time and money! And, remember...the lighter the components, the more expensive! So, my Stan's Crest wheels went on MUTT and the wheels that came with Spot orginally went back on him. And, let's just say...they are a little heavy! I can definitely tell the weight difference between Spot and MUTT.

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So, out on the trail Spot and I had a little talk before starting. We agreed to be patient with one another. If you'll Spot is a belt drive single speed. So, that means one gear! And, after riding with 9 gears since April it was a little difficult at first.

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Some of the hills that originally gave me trouble, but hadn't for a while, did. But, I am a better rider now, so I did notice that I attacked the hills differently...I knew when to stand, and I felt more powerful than when I first took Spot out a long time ago.

Biking Nov 6_0015_edited-1

I did a lot of talking to myself and Spot. Amazingly...I rode faster than on my geared bike. That always happens. So, I've confirmed my conclusion that I always knew. GEARS MAKE ME LAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biking Nov 6_0019_edited-1

I knew that I had gotten a little slack on the flats...not pushing as hard as I could. I knew that I was loafing a little. Yes, because I didn't have that "I feel like I'm gonna throw up" feeling inside often. But, yesterday I remembered what that feeling felt like and I knew I had to shape up.

Biking Nov 6_0020_edited-1

But, my ride was still pleasant and fun! My legs aren't too sore today, but I know that in order to continue growing as a rider and getting stronger and faster, I am going to have to get out there and ride Spot more often. I think I need to alternate between him and MUTT.

Biking Nov 6_0013_edited-1

If you'll remember...last winter I was riding 30 miles on Spot. Yes, one gear...30 miles! Off road! Gears have ruined me. And, imagine if I had 30 gears like some people. I only have 9 on MUTT, which is too many for me! I think I'm going to change out my back sprocket on MUTT to make the gearing a little tougher. Correction...I'm going to ask Dynamo to change it out!

The simplicity of yesterday's ride was awesome. I caught myself several times moving my thumb to shift, but then realizing quickly instead of shifting I had to pedal pedal or stand! There's no resting on a SS! It's just easier to keep pedaling and keep the momentum going. Otherwise, the big 29 inch tires will feel like a ton of bricks to get moving again!

Biking Nov 6_0010_edited-1

Many thanks to my Dynamo for getting Spot back out there! He's quite the bike builder! We did build Spot up piece by piece. As it always goes in the swapping of parts...I ended up with a sweet component for my MUTT....I got Dynamo's fork from his MCR!! He says I always make out good in these exchanges. It used to be that he would be able to sell things as he swapped, but now that we are both riding, I'm always willing to take the "hand-me-downs"! So, finally, we have all 6 bikes ready to roll! Remember...there's a bike for every purpose. And, the MCR frame will be going up for sale soon we'll be all set...FINALLY!! Rome wasn't built in a day!

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CML said...

It is good to see Spot out on the trails again. Is this your winter bike?