Monday, April 30, 2012

Mountain Bike Monday - The Colonial Cruise

Colonial Parkway Ride April 29, 2012 003

Here they are! The Soma Smoothie ES (burgundy) and my bike, the Soma Double Cross (blue)! We have had the Smoothie a while, but recently Dynamo got me a Double Cross, which fits me perfectly! He took over the Smoothie (which was really his bike anyways, but I just happened to ride). Finally, we each have a bike that we can ride on the road, so Dynamo no longer has to ride the mountain bike.

On Sunday, my parents volunteered to watch Charlie so we could get in a longer training ride on the road. We headed over to Williamsburg to hit the Colonial Parkway.

Colonial Parkway Ride April 29, 2012 005

We started out by parking at the Jamestown Settlement and biked about 10 miles to Williamsburg along this nice, slightly rough aggregate roadway.

Colonial Parkway Ride April 29, 2012 007

For some reason I thought it was going to be warmer, but not so much!

Colonial Parkway Ride April 29, 2012 008

It was quite chilly and the sun never really came out! We plugged onward through historic Williamsburg...

Colonial Parkway Ride April 29, 2012 010

Colonial Parkway Ride April 29, 2012 015

Colonial Parkway Ride April 29, 2012 012

Past a pasture with sheep (sorry they aren't visible)...

Colonial Parkway Ride April 29, 2012 016

We had to go through the historic section because bikes and pedestrians weren't allowed in this particular tunnel.

We hopped back on the parkway and traveled the rest of the way to Yorktown (about 15 miles)...

Colonial Parkway Ride April 29, 2012 020

There were lots of beautiful sights and pulloffs, but it was honestly too chilly to stop!

Colonial Parkway Ride April 29, 2012 022

Colonial Parkway Ride April 29, 2012 023

So, Dynamo was taking pics on the fly...

Colonial Parkway Ride April 29, 2012 026

Colonial Parkway Ride April 29, 2012 030

I now know why I like mountain biking more than road riding. It's COLD!!! on the road!

Colonial Parkway Ride April 29, 2012 029

We made it in the cold the entire length of the parkway. All 25 miles to Yorktown!

Colonial Parkway Ride April 29, 2012 034

Colonial Parkway Ride April 29, 2012 035

We stopped to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, The Carrot Tree...

Colonial Parkway Ride April 29, 2012 033

The temperature dropped a lot while we ate. We had planned to bike back 25 miles, but when we came out we decided to catch a ride on the free bus back to the car and ride the full 50 on a warmer day...

Colonial Parkway Ride April 29, 2012 037

Even though it was chilly and windy, it was still so much fun to cruise the parkway with Dynamo. We will be going back again soon and will get more pictures of the scenic overlooks. Next time it will be warmer, we hope!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A little cherry blossom goodness

Cherry Blossom April 2012 (6)

So, here I go being wild with my colors again!

Cherry Blossom April 2012 (9)

I just love the way every bar turns out differently in the end!

Cherry Blossom April 2012 (14)

This is a new scent that I think I'm going to add to my inventory! Years ago, Bath and Body Works had a great Cherry Blossom scent that they phased out! It was my favorite! Needlesstosay I was very disappointed! So, when I saw this new scent out, I thought I'd give it a try!

Cherry Blossom April 2012 (13)

I'm very pleased with the light floral scent!

Cherry Blossom April 2012 (17)

And, I think the colors give it added appeal!

Cherry Blossom April 2012 (20)

We'll see what the customers think soon!

Cherry Blossom April 2012 (24)

So, close your eyes and pretend you can smell it!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Celebrating 13 Weeks

Charlie April 20, 2012 (1)

So, Mom and Dad took me back to see Dr. Kinney on Friday! Dad and I waited patiently in the lobby for them to call us back!

Charlie April 20, 2012 (2)

When we got to the back, Jill took my temperature (I sure do hate that!). She got my weight too! I'm officially like 7 and 3/4 pounds! 8 on the scale at home!

Charlie April 20, 2012 (3)

I'm a big boy! I was calm and relaxed the whole time. I'm definitely better behaved for my Dad, so that's why he's always holding me. Plus, Mom has to take the pictures!

Charlie April 20, 2012 (5)

Dr. Kinney came in and gave me lots of love! She's fantastic!! In fact, all the ladies at Crater Road Vet Hospital are wonderful!

Charlie April 20, 2012 (7)

I didn't even notice it when she gave me my puppy shot!

Charlie April 20, 2012 (8)

My mom did get a lecture about needing to show me she's in charge! I already can tell that she's the softie and my Dad is the enforcer. So, I really work the system! Dad told mom to just boss me around like she does him and all would be fine. Dr. Kinney laughed up a storm at that one!

Overall, she said I'm a happy, healthy pup! I go back in 3 weeks for my last round!

Charlie April 20, 2012 (6)

Look how big I am!

Charlie April 20, 2012 (13)

Almost too big for my bed!!!!

Life is good! I love my home. My Grandpa comes by everyday twice each day to play with me. My Mom and Dad love me so much. I try so hard to please them! I can sit, stay, paw, come, speak, sometimes spin, and even ring my bell to go out! I'm so smart!! I wouldn't say I'm housebroken just yet. I don't like the rain, so I've been a little lazy the past couple of days! I heard "bad boy" a lot!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mountain Bike Monday - Green Green Everywhere!

Biking April 21, 2012 001

Wow!!! We hadn't been out to Poco in weeks, and we were really surprised at the green leaves everywhere!

Biking April 21, 2012 002

It was so beautiful on Saturday! We decided to get an early start and hit the trails while the weather was still nice. We met MBM at the park and hit the Lakeview Trails. Dynamo was in charge of taking pics!

Biking April 21, 2012 005

He is more balanced and can take pics on the fly.

Biking April 21, 2012 007

The only thing is that he got lots of pics of my backside, which is not my favorite angle, as you can imagine!

Biking April 21, 2012 010

The trails sure have gotten a workout since we last rode on them. We had to reassess our normal lines through obstacles.

Biking April 21, 2012 014

The lake was beautiful with the sun shining down on the water.

Biking April 21, 2012 018

It just glistened in the sun!

Biking April 21, 2012 019

Biking April 21, 2012 020

We stopped and snapped our pic together! Our usual ride photo pose!

Biking April 21, 2012 021

I keep cutting Dynamo's head off! I try not to!

Biking April 21, 2012 024

I really didn't think too much about snakes. I know...shocker...but, it was just so beautiful that I was focused on chatting and enjoying the scenery!

Biking April 21, 2012 008

We rolled through the trails at a pretty good clip.

Biking April 21, 2012 025

I was feeling really good! The best ever, in fact. It was amazing! I wish every ride could be that great! I didn't think much about the pain. I attacked the hills properly. I felt good! I was really proud of myself. No complaining! It was a peaceful ride for everyone!

We even saw a lady slipper right off the trail on Lakeview 3! MBM told us he saw it the last time he rode, so we were looking for it. To our surprise it was still there.

Biking April 21, 2012 027

Then, right next to it were two more beautiful slippers! Just like the perfect couple together!

Biking April 21, 2012 029

We finished up our ride in record time for me.

Biking April 21, 2012 031

It's kinda like golf. You always hit that great shot on the last hole, so it makes you wanna come back for more!

Biking April 21, 2012 032

We're looking forward to another ride this coming weekend. We're in training for the Cap to Cap ride on May 12! Last year we did the 50! We're planning on doing it again!

Biking April 21, 2012 034

It's a great time. A fun race with good fellowship for a great cause!

Biking April 21, 2012 035

I'd also like to note that it's camping season again! The park was starting to fill up with campers and trail explorers! I mean serious campers!

Biking April 21, 2012 050

And, did you know that the volunteers at the park cut down the fallen trees and sell the firewood to campers?

Biking April 21, 2012 045

Biking April 21, 2012 036

With camping season back it means we'll be soon smelling yummy breakfast being cooked over a campfire!! Oh, I love that smell after we finish up a long ride!

Biking April 21, 2012 039

Biking April 21, 2012 040

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Biking April 21, 2012 041

Be sure to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Biking April 21, 2012 042

Sorry all the pics have been of me. Dynamo is so fast with the camera. I had no idea he took all these great pics! I think he will be on camera duty from now on!

Biking April 21, 2012 043

Biking April 21, 2012 047

Have a great week!