Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Celebrating 13 Weeks

Charlie April 20, 2012 (1)

So, Mom and Dad took me back to see Dr. Kinney on Friday! Dad and I waited patiently in the lobby for them to call us back!

Charlie April 20, 2012 (2)

When we got to the back, Jill took my temperature (I sure do hate that!). She got my weight too! I'm officially like 7 and 3/4 pounds! 8 on the scale at home!

Charlie April 20, 2012 (3)

I'm a big boy! I was calm and relaxed the whole time. I'm definitely better behaved for my Dad, so that's why he's always holding me. Plus, Mom has to take the pictures!

Charlie April 20, 2012 (5)

Dr. Kinney came in and gave me lots of love! She's fantastic!! In fact, all the ladies at Crater Road Vet Hospital are wonderful!

Charlie April 20, 2012 (7)

I didn't even notice it when she gave me my puppy shot!

Charlie April 20, 2012 (8)

My mom did get a lecture about needing to show me she's in charge! I already can tell that she's the softie and my Dad is the enforcer. So, I really work the system! Dad told mom to just boss me around like she does him and all would be fine. Dr. Kinney laughed up a storm at that one!

Overall, she said I'm a happy, healthy pup! I go back in 3 weeks for my last round!

Charlie April 20, 2012 (6)

Look how big I am!

Charlie April 20, 2012 (13)

Almost too big for my bed!!!!

Life is good! I love my home. My Grandpa comes by everyday twice each day to play with me. My Mom and Dad love me so much. I try so hard to please them! I can sit, stay, paw, come, speak, sometimes spin, and even ring my bell to go out! I'm so smart!! I wouldn't say I'm housebroken just yet. I don't like the rain, so I've been a little lazy the past couple of days! I heard "bad boy" a lot!

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Charleston Hokie said...

You had me cracking up in this post-
1st-J looks thrilled to have his pic taken
2nd-The fact that your PUPPY knows you are a softie (funny and it makes me smile b/c you are great and your dog knows it already)
3rd-B/c J told you to pretend like you are bossing HIM around when you are talking to the dog! Too funny!!!!!!!