Thursday, April 12, 2012

The only child

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (5)

I am an only child and I really like it that way. All of my parents' attention is on me. All. The. Time.

So, I finally am getting a little more comfortable with my collar, and then they attach this thing to it and call it a "leash." Whatever! All they do is try to pull me around on it. I want to tell them where to go, so instead I just try to eat it.

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (17)

And, eat it...

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (19)

My mom says she's read up on how to properly leash train. I hear her telling Dad how they are supposed to be working with me. I just don't want any parts of that!

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (21)

I like to be free and naked! That means no collar or leash for me!

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (23)

In case you forgot I wanted to remind you that I'm a cutie pie!

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (24)

Yes...I am!

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (27)

I do like to play "gurrr."

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (28)

Silly me!

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (31)

Everybody loves me!

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (38)

I think I have only child syndrome already!

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (42)

Over the weekend I wasn't feeling too good, though! My mom doesn't like to talk about it because it's kinda gross, but I was having some issues with my tummy. Mom panicked and we spent Easter morning at Dogwood Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center in Richmond.

I got to meet a new doctor and a really nice technician who let me lick all over them! They poked and prodded me a bit, took some samples, and told my parents I had something call coccidia. YUCK! They put me on medicine, gave me a nausea shot, and sent me off to play with the Easter bunny! Well, not really...just Grandpa, but he's better than any bunny anyways.

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (44)

B.B. isn't too bad either!

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (49)

She walked me around the yard at the farm and told me I was a "good boy" a lot. I don't mean to brag, but I really am!

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (59)

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (51)

Everywhere we go my parents always bring my toys. MY favorite is still my little fishy!

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (55)

I played a lot over the Easter holiday. I think my sickness made me extra sleepy...

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (63)

This week was exciting for me. I'm starting to discover new things around my house. Mom and Dad brought out their bikes and I was so excited to check them out.

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (65)

They tell me that soon I'll get to ride with them in a doggie trailer!

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (70)

I can't wait to go with them! I mean...look at this face. How could they leave me?

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (68)

Every night we nap. Either with Mom...

Charlie April 6 -8, 2012 (74)

Or Dad...

Charlie April 10, 2012 (5)

I sure do sleep in some strange positions!

Charlie April 10, 2012 (10)

Oh, and I forgot to tell you that I got a present from my Mom's friend, Kristi!

Charlie April 10, 2012 (3)

Yup...another toy!

Charlie April 10, 2012 (2)

So, I had a pretty good week. I'll be back on track once I finish these stupid medicines I'm on. I know my parents will feel better once I'm back to functioning normally!

Hope your weekend is great!

Charlie April 10, 2012

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